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  1. commandercody

    epic baja adventure cancelled...

    thanks dan, wrist is qiute well and the pony is back in action.i look forward to riding with you guys next year.cheers... cc
  2. commandercody

    epic baja adventure cancelled...

    well,we made it to the tip.fairly uneventful,since we crossed at tecate,with two run ins with the policia.10 bucks in constitution(cheapest ive heard of)for a red zoned front tire(oops)and 50 bucks in la paz for guys riding in the back of the truck,***.not too bad considering its mostly unavoidable to run into.avoid the policia like the plague.weather here in cabo is 80 degrees and sprinkles this morning.that should help with the dust factory.the rest of our riders fly in today and we launch north in the morning.we took an exploratory ride yesterday to scout our routes east along la playa and short of my bike having a bit of a bog (i will diagnose today)looks like we should have clear sailing north.can't wait.i will post a full report upon returning in a week.i still can't imagine guys ironmanning the 1300 miles it takes to get here in the race,unbelievable.i hope you guys left the course in good shape for us as we will follow portions of it north.adios for now... cc
  3. commandercody

    epic baja adventure cancelled...

    well after much review and a little cajoling,cooler heads prevailed and we split this weekend with two trucks and the bikes with full communication capabilities down to cabo to meet the rest of the crew for a ride up baja.we will obviuosly use all the recent info which will keep us on our toes to avoid mishap.it's just too appealing of a ride to not go through with it.besides pablo who is in china and returning for the trip next week called everyone "small minded whinning *******" for not going,and that is just unacceptable...bastard. the key was to set it up differently which we have.so i'll post some pics and share some stories of the killer time we are going to have upon our safe return...adios. cc
  4. commandercody

    epic baja adventure cancelled...

    we had plans for all the usual precautions,tecate crossing,daylight travel only,and savy experienced baja travelers/riders(fluent spanish speakers) at the helm.the problem was it was the dually laden with bikes and goods with the drivers wife to ride shotgun(with brother and another male friend),it is there decision that its too much to put out there under the current atmosphere.i personally would like to augment the plan and be a bit less conspicuous with more trucks to haul bikes or just leave the trucks at tecete and just go with packs.this to me is the standard risk that is always understood about riding down there. reality is this hopefully will pass,lessons will help change the way we travel there but return is a given,no question.i believe it will be everyones individual choice as to when and where that will be and, for some, they will surely never go back.others may need time to see if there is a greater threat to traveling down there than usual before they return.its like everest though the climbers will walk right past a guy dying doing what they are attempting and they will continue on all the same,its human nature.we thrive on challenge and its conquering challenge and fear that is so sweet.this element of challenge,though is different for everyone and those who have family and loved ones understandably aren't willing to risk that and i have the uttmost respect for those dicisions.(plus it plain flat would suck to lose your dually and bikes and gear,it just would.)but who knows there might be a rally to pull off something...i gotta say though az,nm,moab,death valley are all great options,but they seem like a booby prize right now compared to what this trip would have been...we'll see what happens. safe travels, cc:thumbsup:
  5. commandercody

    epic baja adventure cancelled...

    unfortunate circumstances, thats for sure... steve, when and how do you see your future travels in baja,that is, if you plan on returning at some point?less conspicuousness?less to lose exept for your bike(which they have to round you up first,or pull it out of your hotel room)and just a few essentials?what are your thoughts on it? obviously tj at 1am with a truck full of possessions will be out of the question...
  6. commandercody

    Looks like a boycott could be coming

    how many of those thefts involved the police pulling over and kidnapping the families at gunpoint for hours of torment before pimping their stuff??(and these are multiple cases that appear to be escelating.) and in how many cases did police recover the vehicles?? you aren't getting the point here.all do respect to your choice to continue to patronize baja,but have a little respect for those that are choosing to refrain for now... cc
  7. commandercody

    epic baja adventure cancelled...

    well after months of planning and preparing for a weeklong trip from cabo back to the border on our bikes our group has pulled the plug.we should be loading the bikes tonight and preparing to trailer 12 bikes down to cabo with our buddies dually and trailer,but with the current high profile jackings we could not justify the "new" risk to the crew of drivers.we had 4 people driving in 1 truck to meet the riders flying into cabo for what would have been an adventure to remember.now its off and i couldn't be more pissed about this crap.certainly we could caravan with more trucks and larger crew but the arguments still look the same for safety over risk.so our group with some highly experienced baja riders will be looking for new riding grounds for the week north of the border in the good ol' US.baja is full of awesome riding territory with loads of adventurous experiences and sights but this is pale against the possibility of being confronted with deadly force on the roads down.i will return to baja eventually but for now will take a back seat and wait for things settle down over time but eventually will travel much differently.probably enter in on the bike and a pack of essentials,without the truck full of goodies. i think everybody is typically on edge as they travel through mexico,only now it seems to have gotten out of hand.it sucks cause i love eating chorizo and beans everyday for a week.guess i better go to la posta and get over it... cc
  8. commandercody

    A quick valve check...with pics

    awesome write up.it makes doing them myself seem possible.good pictorial... cc
  9. commandercody

    Welcome to MODERATOR hood!!!!

    i don't know if that is a blessing or a curse... so much for free time,good luck all the same.
  10. commandercody

    Mike's Sky Ranch

    this was heading up there last january during that cold snap... with the end result,big smiles for mario... how could you not love it.i also like jamau, especially since i he can set your broken wrist if necessary(don't ask me how i know this).i think i will hit coyote next time though,roosty seems to like it there.
  11. commandercody

    My clutch wants to creep ?

    normal,i figured this out after trying to adjust the clutch several times.warm it up.
  12. commandercody

    Baja 1000 Ironman?

    sleeping and racing...contradictory,no? what then is the point?
  13. commandercody

    What's your favorite or most unusual Baja tool in the pack?

    don't leave home without it,baja or otherwise....
  14. commandercody

    Tire pressure?

    15 to 16lbs here.the front i like a little stiffer for plantability and the back i like as soft as i can get without compromising it's ability to take a rock or two.a soft front is just asking for a pinch flat,depending on where you ride and how well you can avoid the rocks and ruts.
  15. commandercody

    Ya baby picking up another X

    gotta love the arizona boys for playing ball. oh,and considering you race and dont want to beat on the race bike until it's called for,i think the second bike is justifiable(as if you need a good reason to buy a second toy).especially since you would want to practice on a similar bike.