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  1. The bike is a 05 CRF230. I rejetted the carb and installed the power up kit, but now the slide is sticking at the bottom instead of sliding up smooth. Any ideas would be great thanks, Erich
  2. Wind warnings in the desert all weekend. I'm head to the river, beer, boats, and b@@bs.
  3. Janine is crazy. Did you see the interview with her on one of his shows. She would throw sh$t at him and they were always brawling. I'll take Sandra not the rode hard put away wet porn wh@re. JM 2cents
  4. F'n retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. What a friggin goober. That last landing had to hurt.
  6. Yah I have had enough of the west coast, (California esspecially) I need a change of scenary and to slow life down alittle. I look forward to getting out there.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'll post just before I come out. If I drive i'll bring my bike. I would love to check out the local trails. Whats the summer weather like out there. Riding during the summer here in So. Cal is out of te question unless you go to the beach Its like a 100+ every where else.
  8. It was awesome. The cloud cover early was nice then it got a little warm. We rode hard for about 3 hours or so, then called it a morning. I love getting there early riding and getting out before anyone else shows up.
  9. I payed 1800.00 for mine 5 months ago. White Bros pipe, Boyseen Accel. cover, jet kit, new Renthal' bars. I put an IMS tank and handgaurds on it and I love it. The thing pulls through the gears like crazy. Just learn to start it and you'll be happy. I raced my buddies KTM 525 and he didn't beat me by much granted he weights 45 pounds more then I do. His speedo had us at 80-85mph. You'll love the bike.
  10. And another. http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e384/Heinzee/2005-06-25083.jpg
  11. here's a pic of my wife jumping her 04. http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e384/Heinzee/2005-03-21028.jpg
  12. I'm not in E. TN, but have been looking at property and am hopeing to move there in the next year. How do you like it, is there lots of riding area around there. I'm trying to get up there this summer to look around and get a feel for the area. Sorry i'm not there now.
  13. The riding was awesome. They have been doing maintenance on alot of the trails, and got rid of some of the rocky areas. The trails they have not got to yet have some good size ruts from water run off. Oh and some dumb ass rolled his Blazer recently. I love bing off Fridays there was only one other truck there with two riders. Hope those of you going this weekend have fun.
  14. Don't go in the jungle there's alligators in the jungle.
  15. Don't post the video, or the world will come to an end!