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  1. i have a 1997 yz250 fixing to replace fork seals. can someone tell me how much oil i need to buy before i go and get it please? thankss
  2. hey doc, just had an mri done tonite on my left knee. i have a cd he made me of the mri. can u tell me how i can send u the pics to give me your opinion please? thanks mike
  3. mxsmooth

    Clutch hub nut

    Take three of your old steelclutch plates tack weld them together. Weld you a handle on the end and presto one great clutch hub holder. This way it will not slip off,its what i use.
  4. mxsmooth

    rmz250 big bore kit?

    can anyone help with any info??
  5. mxsmooth

    rmz250 big bore kit?

    help!!! im the new guy. what is the best tested big bore kit for the money and performance? thanks for any and all help...