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  1. ok thanks you guys!!! i think a 450 is probably the best way to go cuz i do do alot of dune riding!!
  2. i have been riding for a litte over 6 and a half years. I can ride pretty well and know what im doing.
  3. anyone else?????
  4. Ok i live in Arizona. I currently ride a xr250r dirt bike. I do mostly desert riding and durning the summer i go up to the flagstaff area(forest area) and ride up there. during th winter i go to the dunes and i have been riding my brother crf250x there. I don't dp technical riding much at all. So i am in the market for a new bike and plan to try to get into the motocross scene. So the question is should i go for a crf250r or a cfr450r. I know i want a honda so thats all set but i don't know what size machine to get. I am 6"1' and weigh 180 pounds so what bike would suit me best??????????