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  1. Hey, It was my first harescramble as well...I didn't feel that I did as well as I could, but I suppose I did pretty well considering my start. I'm thormx's friend wishing him luck in that one picture, #5x. I couldn't get my bike started on the start and it took 5 kicks to get it i went into the woods in 34th place out of 37. After the 1st lap I was in 17th place and then moved up from there. I finished the race in 10th place. I was proud of myself because I didnt crash once and only stalled twice, once due to someone being in my way, and the other when i went to pit for gas...which i didn't even need because i had like a half-tank left. All in all it was a good weekend...
  2. I'll be out there on saturday running the beginner class because it's my first harescramble, I grew up around it in my younger days...My dad used to ride all the time and won the 200c class one year, the only harescramble I've ever done was the peewee class, so this weekend should be entertaining.