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  1. kingspaded

    average ride length?

    I change mine 2 times a winter season
  2. kingspaded

    YZ250F Front Forks

  3. kingspaded

    Brake Pads?

    Are the 03 and 04 manuals the same?
  4. kingspaded

    Steering stabilizer

    I've never rode with a stabilizer, but I herd if you're going straight and you want to turn (not lean) its harder? But does it save you when your going trew woops or somthing and the front tire gets all crazy on you and you cant control it?
  5. Yea my YZ250F moves forward if when in first with the clutch in...but not enough to notice it only when its on the stand. Just adjust the idle intill you dont have the pull when your in first with the clutch in i'd say....and you can kinda tell when the engine is running to high, or if its running to low...it would probably die occasionaly?
  6. kingspaded

    softer seat

    Yea I am looking for seets to, my rear hurts pretty bad and gets all red n stuff after im done on a long ride suxks pretty bad
  7. kingspaded

    New to dirt bikes

    Nice to have you on these forums, I am new to. The 250 Has alot of power. But there will be that time when you say "i wish i had a 450 (maybe, maybe not) but it will proabably happen when youre more experianced though. have fun.
  8. kingspaded

    The death wobble?

    Let the bike do its thing....it dosen't want to go down either....if you resist your more likely to fall.
  9. kingspaded

    Budget boots

    Thor T30s are pretty nice I have them. They are $130 Umm but seriously if you buy 'cheep' boots, youre they wont be as comftrable, and might not break in as easily, and might even break buckles on them easier.
  10. kingspaded

    YZ250F Front Forks

    I removed the silver little 'seal' and the fat black seal and was able to fit a pice of film up around in the fork, I saw able to see dirt....but I swiped the pice of film around in there and no dirt came out, just some fork oil. I guess it cleaned it? Becuase I pushed down on my frontend and no fluid was leaking (as far as I could see) just circiles from to much? flid up in there, but I hvent beenable to test it riding yet since there has in alot of rain around here...
  11. Becuase your backend is sliding around.
  12. kingspaded

    YZ250F Front Forks

    Question...If fork oil leaked out of my forks and their was enough that the hole bottom section of my fork was covered in oil, would I need to add more? Or should I be fine? Thanks....
  13. kingspaded

    Throttle not even

    When i am just crusing on my bike the throttle isnt even it kinda like sputters and dosent stay at an even RPM but I get into high RPMs and its fine, any ideas why its doing that in low RPMs?
  14. kingspaded

    starting hard???

    Theres this thing called the hot start... you know
  15. kingspaded

    What pipe ?

    The stock 04 pipe