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    Post your Chinese D/S Parts & Mods Here

    I think I see the problem, you have the TV facing the wrong way, LOL. Nice pic though.
  2. Davit

    Post your Chinese D/S Parts & Mods Here

    For front sprocket change out, you can use any of the JT Sprockets with the following manufacturer part number. JT259.XX Just replace the XX's with the teeth count you want. Example: I used the JT259.16 for the largest front sprocket this bike will take (X-25), It has 16 teeth.
  3. Hi All, Just thought this maybe a good way to pool our knowledge and experience with these bikes in one place. I hope we can keep this thread as just informational not political, as we have several threads covering those topics. So let me start this with a new mod I did on my Roketa GY200. If you want a lot better headlight than what comes with this bike, look into the Baja Designs headlight only mod. I ordered mine from here for under $100.00. http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Chaparral/product_family.asp?family%5Fid=5191&gift=False&mscssid=07BCB68D2280E41DABE67647FECC232E This comes in many colors and carries a 55/60W bulb. I removed the heavy straps (rubber 4 of them) and used my existing mounts. I had to just drill one hole at the bottom on the headlight plastic to stabilize to bottom mount on bike. The headlight comes with all you will need to splice existing wiring to the three prong bulb. If you use the included betraying light you will have to fashion your own splice, direct splice or adapt to the round metal plug-in that comes on the headlight wiring. Total time it took to mod and install was about 2 hours. 30 minutes of this was because I connected the high/lowbeam up backwards, lol. My fault instructions for wiring came with headlight I just did it wrong. Improvement over 35watt headlight and light dispersal was nothing short of great. If you have reservations over your bikes ability to carry the higher pull on your lighting circuit just use betraying light when running in the daytime. So far the Roketa seems fine with the additional load, just don't try to use electric starter with light on, but this applied to the stock 35watt also.
  4. Davit

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Hi, Let me answer in order here. I live about 50 miles North of Mobile, Alabama. It is in Washington County. As for part numbers on the sprocket I used the same sprocket I think (pullin) used from Dennis Kirk. Part# 817044S 44 teeth rear. Search on web for denniskirk.com. Now for the front sprocket I contacted Patterson Cycle 801-773-3288 and he has front and back sprockets. The biggest he has for the front is a 16 teeth and for the X25 he said that was as big as you could use. Note that even though the X25 is a GY200 bike I am not sure if the front sprockets will fit all the GY200 bikes out there. The rear sprockets he offers two sizes 39 or 45 teeth. I did not price the rear sprockets but the front are $20.00 each. There seem to be several different motors used on these bikes so the best advice I could give you on getting front sprockets is take the one off your bike and take it to a friendly Honda shop. I took a chance on the rear sprockets and was lucky they fit both bikes. This may hold true on the front sprockets but the motors differ slightly between the two bikes. I hope someone will post some front sprocket numbers soon as Dennis Kirk has some good prices on their front sprockets. Note of caution on removing rear sprocket nuts. I had to put some heat on the bolts to break them aloose. Some high quality locktite was used and I busted two sockets and stripped a nut using a air wrench before I went to a torch. It was a real pain to try and find one of the four special bolts that was broken on the Roketa bike. I finally had to make one from a exhaust manifold bolt. So be warned and use some heat if the bolts don't break loose with a moderate amount of force.
  5. Davit

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Hi All, Just wanted to update you on the 2 GY bikes we purchased. The Roketa has 1350 miles on it and still running solid. The X25 has 400 miles on it and is starting to limber up some on the smooth acceleration. Put new 44 teeth sprockets on rear of both bikes. The Roketa now will top out over 70mph and the X25 redlines at 65mph. The Roketa benefited the most from the change out as now 5th gear is almost like an overdrive. It will cruise on the highway at 60+ and no vibration. The X25 will run smooth at about 53mph, looking to go to a 16 teeth front sprocket for it, has 15 teeth on stock front sprocket. The Roketa still does fine in the dirt for my Son who weights 140 lbs. The X25 did not suffer off road at all from the sprocket change out but it came with a 51 teeth rear sprocket to start with. The Roketa had a 56 teeth rear sprocket so it was a big change on this bike gearing wise. The weather has been mild here so we have been riding a good bit, BTW average miles per gallon are 80 for the Roketa and 72 for the X25. This is a mixture of dirt road and hard road riding with dirt being about 70% of it.
  6. Davit

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Hi All, Just wanted to say I have purchased two of the GY200 bikes and have been well pleased. On the Roketa model I had a good bit of trouble with the battery holder staying together. I finally welded some heavy metal to the anchor points and bracket, seems to be holding so far. My son rides the Roketa and has a little over 1000 miles on it. Headlight brightness blows, so I put a 55/65watt three prong bulb in to replace it. This bike is used more off road than highway and handles a little better than the X25 Gy200 I purchased for myself. The X25 likes the highway a little more than the Roketa. Service and support on the two bikes go like this, Roketa although they list a lot of parts on their web page for their bikes is having some serious customer service issues as far as sending the correct parts.They have also closed down their forum and keep telling me it will reopen soon, lol. This is the main reason I changed out the headlight bulb as I could never get the right bulb from them. The X25 bike dealer so far has told me they stock most all the parts you need for their bikes. I will see as I have ordered a few items like screws and such so time will tell. Both bikes require a close check fairly often for lose screws. I have started adding lock-tite to all suspect screws when I find any loose. Both bikes require a minute to warm up after a cold start before they will idle smoothly.Top end on the Roket is 62mph after break in and on the X25 it is about 55mph at near redline. Looking to put some new smaller rear sprockets on both in a few days. I like many was looking for a way to get back into the Enduro bike picture but the few Jap bikes that were still being made were just insanely high in my opinion, new bikes anyway. I will try and post my experience with these bikes every so often in hopes of helping others. I was posting often in the Roketa forum before it was shut down. Their forum site now says down until further notice, this since about Christmas. Hope the company does better on this as they do sport alot of models and a good selection of parts if they can get their act together. Maybe in the near future we will rate our own category here at THUMPER for our Chi-commy bikes, LOL.