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  1. hi ktm riders any one out there got a pic of their speedo or is it analogue or digital speedo i am trying to get my bike ready for rego in aust. mine is the road going model on id plate and all wires are there for blinkers and the head light is there as is stop light the gen is a sem and all looks good i am hoping i just need some switches for blinkers / head light and for brake light but i dont have any idea of the kind of speedo i need as was none there when i got the bike have been told 93/ 95 are the same hoping some one can help me
  2. klx651

    LC4 400 Riders

    hi guys i have lc4 400 96 open air box lid dellorto 36 hd main jet 175 fuel screw 2 1/4 turns out needle clip 2nd form bottom and was going hard untill i done a rocker arm and after fixing rocker arm still trying to get it back to were it was runing before it broke down i have posted thread im fourm any help ok ride on 400 s
  3. klx651

    KTM Engine Manuals

    thanks mate i have been looking for this
  4. Hi all. Have had my 1996 KTM LC4 400 now for about nine months. When I got it it ran ok but it was no power horse. I asked for help in here and Creeper gave me some much needed advice. I got it cracking and running very well and was going very good until now...well I broke a rocker arm. I have fixed it and done the valve adjustments .006 or 0.15mm like I was told. Now I could not get the bike to start and I find out that timing is out so I have adjusted it...the bike is running but I'm not sure if it's right. Any help would be nice..cannot get bike to rev in second gear and when I land after a jump its like it needs more fuel or timing is still out I'm not sure. I have an open air box lid and dellorto 36 carb set with main jet 175 and fuel screw 2 1/4 turns out and needle clip on 2nd notch from bottom. Ok I hope I haven't left anything out and someone has some ideas to help me. Has fixing the rocker arm and doing valve clearance changed my carby settings ?? Forgot to mention that the bike will not idle....but runs fine in top gear....
  5. klx651

    01 LC4 400 is slooow

    ok i have ktm lc4 400 96 model open air box main jet 175 needle clip 2 and big gun is hard to start cold as is a bit too much fuel the delorto carb is hard to get right but mine gos well i run 14 to 50 gears so it gets there fast but not good on top end but is not a sleep any more was like your bike creeper sent me some good ideas for carby and gos now
  6. hi i have ktm lc4 400 i got it wet and it stoped i found it had no spark so i loaded it up and back home i went washed mud off and dryed it i left it for two days it has spark back now i gess wire damage from water but with spark back now and fuel and dry air cleaner it still will not start any help please ?
  7. hi all i went riding in the wet and my bike stoped it had no spark so i loaded it up and washed it and dryed it i left it for two days like this because i had to work ok i have spark back now and fuel and dry air cleaner now but still will not start any ideas anyone o is ktm lc4 400 96 model
  8. hi all any one out there can you help i have lc4 400 it has been going well untill last week i went for a ride in the rain and mud it was fine for about one hour or so but a big down poor and my bike stoped so i tryed to get it going but no go i but the spark plug tester on and there was no spark it washed it clean when i got home and compressed air to dry and left it for two days and i re test it the spark is back it has fuel but i can not get it to start and ideas anyone
  9. thanks for the float tip any idea on what is best main jet size ?
  10. ok and the button on the carby is the hot start ok i was tould that the lever was a hot start but this makes more sence you way when i opened the carby to try to jet it up i found that the button only raise the carby pistion if you have any more help on dellorto carby please let me know
  11. hi i got lc4 400 it was like this when i got it no air box lid phbe36hd dellorto carb main jet 170 mix screw 1.5 turns out needle k51 1st notch form top ok i put main jet 180 mix screw 2.5 turns out and k51 needle 2nd from the top i got more go now but i have been carboning plug to much fuel i think and starts fine when cold but after i ride it for 15mins or so and turn it off is will not start i am new to ktms i had klx650 so is all new to me ok i think the button on the carby is the hot start but there is a lever that gos to the carby as well is this a hot start lever any help with this please whats standard carby seting if any one knows and what are your guys running your carby settings at
  12. Hi I have recently bought a KTM LC4 400 and the front fork protectors were missing along with two essential bolts. They are 7 mm bolts the two that are left in there are hex key bolts made from stainless steel. Does anybody know whether stainless steel bolts are stronger than high tensile. I don't know whether I should leave the original stainless steel bolts in and add two high tensile or change them all to high tensile...any advice???? As this is the front wheel it is not something that I wish to play with without being sure. By the way I tried to buy the bolts the same as the original but have been unable to get them anywhere as KTM is meant to be 8 mm standard.