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  1. I'm running the E-Line secondary stator and now realize my stock shifter hits it. I seem to remember there was a specific Moose unit that was recommended? Any suggestions?
  2. The folks over at Progressive Suspension are looking for a late model KLR650 to fit new product to. Seems like a great way to score free parts! http://www.facebook.com/ProgressiveSuspension Doc
  3. oldbikedoc

    Leak Down Test - Need Guidance

    Yep, read that thread, great info. Have squirt bottle ready to rock. What's the hot ticket for plugging that hole? Does seem like powervalve vent is direct line into cylinder. How does it NOT suck air when the bike is running?
  4. oldbikedoc

    Leak Down Test - Need Guidance

    So, by the time I discover I have a leak, it'll be too late? Gotta be a way to test these things on the bench. Seems like a crapload of air coming out of the powervalve breather. I'm thinking I'll review the seals on that as well as plug it.
  5. oldbikedoc

    Leak Down Test - Need Guidance

    Bike is a 2000 YZ250 fresh bottom and top end (brand new cylinder,too!). Figured I'd do things right and bought a Motion Pro Leak Down tester. Bit funky because the exhaust side is not round (and the rubber plugs are!), but got things sorted. Here's the rub, motor will not build pressure. Seems to be pushing the air out of the Powervalve breather... Should that be pugged, too? Did I forget something when I rebuilt the powervalve that has created a leak? Any advice would be most appreciated!
  6. oldbikedoc

    FMF Gnarly Jetting for 2000 YZ250?

    Thing was a pile when I got it, no telling what sort of jetting (or pipe) it had so I gotta buy brass no matter what. Book is telling me (stock): Main: 175 Power jet: 55 Pilot: 50 Clip: 3rd groove
  7. OK, I know, use the search.... Already did... Did not find anything. Bike is 2000 YZ250, stock motor (fresh rebuild from the bearings up!), bike is set up as dual sport. Pipe is FMF Gnarly and silencer is their Q. I'm at roughly 700ft above sea level and am old and slow. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Monkey who previously owned this thing loosened up the preload adjuster nuts so far they are now imbedded onto the shock body. Rest of shock is pretty rough, too, so figured I've Ebay another unit before I send parts out to Race Tech. 1) What year range fits my 2000 YZ250? 2) Is the 125 shock the same (don't care about spring, RT will fix that)? Thanks! OBD
  9. I'm in the final stages of a restoration on a 1975 Yamaha GT80, things are looking good, until I realized I can;t find tires for it! It came with a a quasi trials style tire and runs a 15" on the front and a 14" on the rear. I've cruised Ebay to no avail and am getting a bit concerned... Any suggestions? OldBikeDoc
  10. oldbikedoc


    Rode up from the Corona side (Skyline) and could only get to Beaks Place. Is that gate ever open? Any other route to main Divide? Not much before that gate is a Westerly route (just after that radio tower building). It looks to head towards the toll road, is it ridable? Thanks! Doc
  11. oldbikedoc

    SDG 107 running poorly

    Can't seem to figure this one out. Two year old SDG, has been a great bike, now it coughs, hesitates and pops under throttle. Did a valve job, but it did not seem to help. carb was rebuilt, air filter is new. Compression is good, but plug is dry, black and powdery. Any ideas? Doc
  12. oldbikedoc

    SDG Needs Valve Job?

    Not really, just runs like crap, pops, hesitates. Started the weekend fine, after a few hours of riding it began running poorly. I've been pretty diligent about service, with the exception of the valve job. I'll play with it this weekend and report back.
  13. oldbikedoc

    SDG Needs Valve Job?

    Bike barely runs, pops and backfires. Valves finally closed down, or something worse? I'm going to start with a valve adjustment, but I don't and have specs on what they should be! Help! OldBikeDoc
  14. oldbikedoc

    SDG Speed Mini Bursts into flames!

    So I'm riding around wth my kids this weekend and start to see smoke coming off of the top of the motor, as soon as I stop the air filter burst into flames. This bike has been surprisingly solid for the year and change I've had it, but this kinda spooks me. Haven't dug into it yet, but suspect the harness that runs across the backbone. Anyone had similar issues? Doc
  15. oldbikedoc

    Two Stroke Vacuum Leak???

    Man, I hope that's not the case, Tudors Performance in Corona, CA just did the bottom end! Looks like I'll be swinging it by there this week...