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    Mobius X8 knee braces

    OK just bought a set 2nd hand from a racer who used them twice. He loved them but the right knee was too uncomfortable. He had been through so much surgery, his right knee is larger than his left. They do press into your knees on the sides however, particularly on the outside of your knees, if you have larger (wider) knees. So I had the same problem, but on both knees. I got the Large and the hinges press into you making it extremely uncomfortable and painful, even with the thickest pads. my solution was using a hot air gun to slowly re-mould the entire brace width and it worked. I rode 3 hrs yesterday and I was very pleased. I do wear full length compression Skins and a knee sock under my guards which makes it much more comfortable. If Mobius would mould the braces wider in the first place this would solve the problem, as the plastic compresses into your knee when you tighten all the straps anyway. This is my first set of braces at 47yrs and I dont like the heavy feel they give your legs in the sitting position. This is more because of friction than weight, but the upside is it makes me stand-up more which is a plus, because the transition from sitting to standing is clunky. I will get used to riding with them, but for now I would rather have them than not after 8 weeks off the bike because of a torn PCL.