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  1. hunt1moore

    Husqvarna 2014 and forward... Or life after BMW.

    I guess that depends on when you first started riding a Husky. In my case, they are supposed to be several colors but maintain a silver frame and a chrome section on tank that had a color that determined what model it was. For me I remember yellow, blue, red, maroon, green, orange, black.
  2. hunt1moore

    2007 CRF80F cutting out

    Thanks, I didn't think to check vent hose. I will also double check flow from the petcock.
  3. hunt1moore

    2007 CRF80F cutting out

    Ok, didn't want to use my TT card on this simple problem but it is getting annoying and I'm tired of taking it apart. It has sat for about a year (wife's bike) and I decided to get it running to sell. I replaced the gas Cleaned the carb and jets. Replaced the plug. Adjusted the valves checked the air filter. Removed the petcock and the filter was deteriorated so I just removed it for now and cleaned out the tank. It ran fine last time we had it out but now it cuts out when running fast. I wouldn't think it's electrical but dang, aint going to rule it out. I have repeated the carb cleaning process several times thinking debris may have gotten to the main jet but it is clean. Any ideas?
  4. hunt1moore

    2007 TC510

    It is definately possible to install the e-start. There used to be a kit available. Not sure of the availibility today. On the front are Marzocchi's That's two!
  5. hunt1moore

    (rumour) BMW selling Husky to KTM?

    Hopefully, If SP is being quoted correctly, he is not expecting the three brands to compete. There is a certain amount of loyalty that lives with in the Euro bikes. I think his target is to get some of the Asian market back. That is the only way it will work in today's economy.
  6. Just curious....what was wrong with the stock float valve?
  7. hunt1moore

    Husaberg FE650 vs Honda CRF450R

    One more year and Husaberg will be history.
  8. hunt1moore

    (rumour) BMW selling Husky to KTM?

    Anyone who was ever involved in launching a new product such as the Nuda, and especially the Nuda knows that sales will be slow to build as the product develops recognition. I'm not necessarily swollowing the lack of sales excuse when it comes to a first attempt at market penetration.
  9. hunt1moore

    (rumour) BMW selling Husky to KTM?

    Well.......I have read thru these several pages of threads with ranging emotions. Husqvarna is/was my mother country. It was where i was born regarding my origins on a dirt bike. Over the years I have watched as it declined into a neglected widowed Queen then, as if to maintain her dignity allowed to be taken over by one King after another from different competing nations just to survive. Each time i sit back and watch her wear different robes and bow differently to each one as each one's demands change. She must look good in public but will be thrashed behind closed doors if she ever so challenged her King. Never allowed to reign again however, a beautiful prize. I'll probably never return to my home country especially if I have to bow to this flag. Seriously, the younger generation knows zero about Husqvarna. I voiced this concern to them back in the late 90's. When I was a kid I had posters of Husqvarnas on my bedroom walls. I don't know of kids lusting over them today. They have not rejuvinated their brand....ever! The truely loyal today are now looking hard at Adventure bike ownership if not already enjoying one. However!...A few weeks ago my 18 yr old son asked me if I had seen that new Husky street bike (the Nuda). Being out of touch I said no I haven't, so, he pulled it up on the net and I watched in amazement as a stunt rider put it thru it's pace. My kid was like... "DUDE! did you see that? That is the sickest bike I have ever seen!" Wow! let's discontinue it!....... No!.... How about....Let's make it "sicker"! Let's make it where every stunt rider or kid will want one sitting next to his WRX in the garage! How about that simple marketing strategy? Regardless of my feelings about the subject I don't think the younger gen gives a rats azz where the motor came from as long as the packge is bad azz. I seriously doubt that is going to happen. The problem I think that I'm getting ready to witness is KTM turning the Husky into the Beta. If so, then good by Husky. KTM wins by default. Congrats! And thank you for at least killing my country slowly and with dignity. Why would you buy a new Husky if it is a second hand KTM? Put Husaberg and Husky together and turn them loose. See what happens!
  10. hunt1moore

    Valve clearance issues

    Get back with us with the correct measurements. If I'm not mistaken they should be .011"
  11. hunt1moore

    Jap bikes....really?

    The Euro mx bikes are in somewhat of a catch 22 especially with the smaller companies like Husky. They can't meet the production rule to satisfy the AMA bias towards the very influential big 4 resulting in zero exposure and recognition. Thus, resulting in poor sales in that market (especially to the younger racers). Thus, resulting in low demand, production and import. BMW now owns Husqvarna and has just released a new MX line with the TC449. In Europe it seems to be doing well as you can tell by the photo with the two green bikes flanking the podium Husky TC449. http://resmarket.com/husqvarna/images/11Graffunder-podium_COX3868.jpg Hopefully BMW will push their weight to get this bike into the spot light in the USA.
  12. hunt1moore

    2011 tc449

    We have the "red" clay here also. If you leave it on too long it will stain it good. Generally I would use Simple Green to get the heavy dirt off my dirt bikes. They are a few years old now and still look amazingly good but the Green is a little strong. I started using Shout on my new street bike and it has kept it shining with zero etching and virtually no scrubbing plus it is priced right. Not as strong as SG but has no effect on the new paint.
  13. hunt1moore

    2011 tc449

    Try using Shout. I generally hose off the big stuff first then let it dry a bit and spray full strength Shout all over and wait 15+ min. It won't etch the painted parts or aluminum.
  14. hunt1moore

    2011 tc449

    I would like to know all the mods they made to the 449.
  15. hunt1moore

    TC449 MX test just around the corner......

    MXA will give it a fair chance at it's competition on a mx track. That being said, I don't think anyone of us here can ride the TC449 to it's potential on the track even in stock set-up. However, the question is are you looking to cut an extra second or three in your lap times? If so, I doubt the 449 will achieve this for you over the competition. But, it won't be a dog either.