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  1. I guess that depends on when you first started riding a Husky. In my case, they are supposed to be several colors but maintain a silver frame and a chrome section on tank that had a color that determined what model it was. For me I remember yellow, blue, red, maroon, green, orange, black.
  2. Thanks, I didn't think to check vent hose. I will also double check flow from the petcock.
  3. Ok, didn't want to use my TT card on this simple problem but it is getting annoying and I'm tired of taking it apart. It has sat for about a year (wife's bike) and I decided to get it running to sell. I replaced the gas Cleaned the carb and jets. Replaced the plug. Adjusted the valves checked the air filter. Removed the petcock and the filter was deteriorated so I just removed it for now and cleaned out the tank. It ran fine last time we had it out but now it cuts out when running fast. I wouldn't think it's electrical but dang, aint going to rule it out. I have repeated the carb cleaning process several times thinking debris may have gotten to the main jet but it is clean. Any ideas?
  4. No offense but that is hogwash. There is no easier bike to ride in low speed conditions that I know of.
  5. There should be a donut gasket where the header meets up with the head. There should also be a gasket where the header meets up with the can pipe. This is typical on most bikes but you may need to look for other connections. I had a brand new Husky TC510 that had a leak from the factory and it took me a while to accept the fact that their may be a leak because it was new. If your carbs are not causing a lean condition then an air leak is where I would be looking. Do you have a Pair valve on the top of the heads?
  6. I can see both sides arguement. Having owned a Rebel 250 for my fiance' to learn on, it became apparent to me that after she learned to ride it and developed skills then, after that, I really didn't want her on it. Look for a used one for around $1500 to $1800. They sell fast and you may lose a $100 or make a little when y'all decide to sell it. It is a stepping stone...that's it.
  7. Actually that would be the DL1000
  8. It is definately possible to install the e-start. There used to be a kit available. Not sure of the availibility today. On the front are Marzocchi's That's two!
  9. Check for a leak in your exhaust at the head or in the assembly of the pipe. Sometimes decel will suck air thu the leak and cause it to pop. Also, like mentioned above close off the Pair Valve if you have one on your bike. I know that the FI V-Stroms have one with the same motor. It will be on the top of the valve cover.
  10. I'm not familiar with your V-Star other that it is a V-twin. I have a Suzuki M109R V-twin 1800 fuel injected. My experience is that no back pressure will change the torque curve to where it is not producing the kind of power that the V-twin is best at the rpm that you are wanting power. Basically making it feel like it lost power. (I know this from temporarly removing the baffels on my Vance Hines exhaust). I did install an aftermarket exhaust and a fuel controller along with an aftermarket air intake to wake it up a bit. I used a Cobra FI2000R CVT for the fuel controller after having a PC-3 for several years and several dyno tunes..not to mention several $ for tuning. The CVT constantly tunes the bike and has been a great addition.
  11. For that type of riding I would most likely get the most comfortable bike I could find. If you are custom to an up-right riding position then I would look real hard at a good, used Suzuki V-Strom 1000. A very versitle bike and plenty of umph for fast cruising. There is also a 650 version if it better fits your style. Being from the dirt community of bike riding I have found the riding position for the cruisers to be a little uncomfortable for the long hauls. I own a Suzuki Boulevard M109R and a V-Strom 1000. I will choose the Strom any day for long trips. As a note, the Strom is capable of off-roading if your heart desires.
  12. Hopefully, If SP is being quoted correctly, he is not expecting the three brands to compete. There is a certain amount of loyalty that lives with in the Euro bikes. I think his target is to get some of the Asian market back. That is the only way it will work in today's economy.
  13. Just curious....what was wrong with the stock float valve?
  14. One more year and Husaberg will be history.