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    Setting sag

    Static sag (Fully extended - squat from the weight of the bike only) about 15 - 30 mm. Race Sag (Fully extended - squat from you sitting on the bike) ~95mm Before measuring bounce a few time and let it settle. If you can't get both sag settings to work out, that's an indicator that you need a different spring rate. Compression and rebound settings will be a trial and error process also depending on the type of riding you are doing. Typically you would use different settings for enduro vs moto-x track riding as the suspension needs to react quicker or slower with more or less force for the different situations. I'll give you a hand when we go chew up some sod! RJ
  2. ClutchGuy

    2006 Must dos

    Sell it and buy a KTM Just kidding KJ, but make sure you have good goggles and prepare to eat roost! Probably a good idea to get the suspension calibrated for your weight. If it has the stock springs, they are probably too soft for you, but try it out for a ride first. Go to Race Tech's website and it will calculate what you need. For my KTM it cost about $300.00 for front & rear. Through experience I've found dialed in suspension to be a better initial investment then adding pipe, cam etc... since it's already making great power. Anyone can go fast in a straight line down the trail but through in some jumps, whoops, corners, bumps, ruts, blah blah blah and suspension will make the biggest difference. Once you get the right spring rate start playing with compression, rebound & oil height. Hopefully we can hook up for a ride soon. RJ