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  1. I haven't read the whole post but the question posted by the originator is what I am responding too. I ride bikes, hunt with bow primarily and sometimes with a gun, I also guide hunters, and I have a quad. I hunt mostly in the wilderness area that is free of all motorized travel. We use our feet and horses. I prefer to stay out of the woods with my bike during the hunts since they tend to only be a couple weeks long. This allows all of us the chance to enjoy the woods as much as possible and I can ride for several months before. However, I also am not freaked out by riders when I am hunting. I have 2 stories: 1 I was riding an area that was open to archery hunting and came upon an outfitter. He was pissed. I controlled the conversation and his two hunters pretty well and mentioned if he wanted a bike free environment to do what I do: hunt the wilderness. If not, respect both parties rights to be there. There is really no arguement but riders can abstain from riding for 2 weeks if necessary. 2. Bow hunting for deer last weekend I had 2 quads ride by me. I was actually standing on the trail watching a bedded buck. The buck was 70 yards below the trail and me. Deer and elk generally do not worry about bikes too much unless they are being harassed by them. In Idaho we have a few areas closed to motorized travel due to issue's with hunters and recreationist alike not being respectfull to the animals. In this last example the buck was not worried about the bikes, he should have been worried about me... I was in ninja mode though. I ask that people refrain from riding during the hunting season if possible but you are welcome to do so if you could care less. If you do ride try and leave later in the morning to ride during the prime bedding times 10-1500. Generally early morning and late evening are prime hunting times.
  2. uhoh

    WFO enduro chicks classes q's

    LOL. No burning checks this time Mark. I wish I could go.
  3. uhoh

    WFO enduro chicks classes q's

    That is a fun race. I would love go back and do it again. The year I went the weather was great, folks were super nice, and the racing a hoot. I was on a minute with some fast guys and they knew how to keep time.
  4. uhoh

    My ID Vacation w McNuts. Huskygirl?

    Not all. I didn't see the ISDE as anything necessarily special when it comes to Brad's caliber. In fact I was hoping to get some time with Brad over the summer and see if he could help me out. There are not that many riders who put in the time he does and that time equates to a lot of knowledge. As it turned out I did in fact ride with him a few times over the summer and IMO we had a blast. Fortunately his pace and mine are about the same so I had a lot of opportunity to speak with him about, and watch, his technique, etc. Brad gave me some valuable advice and I used it. He is talented for sure. I hope I get to spend more time riding with him...I still have a few paybacks coming his way. So far I only have 1 payback on camera and he is the lead about 100 to 1. LOL, doubtful I would ever catch up but that is my style...if you are gunna be stupid you better be tough. BTW- thanks for responding and clarifying and sorry for hi-jacking your thread.
  5. uhoh

    My ID Vacation w McNuts. Huskygirl?

    LOL, well, you are dead sexy. I might have to stand on a stump to give ya a kiss but I don't mind! Thanks Tresa. I wrote a blog and sent it out. I assume you already have it but in case I screwed up on the email list here it is. Sent it out a little while ago. http://isde2009brentmartell.blogspot.com/
  6. uhoh

    this does not look good!!!!

    I vote pump seal. Had it happen to my 05 300.
  7. uhoh

    My ID Vacation w McNuts. Huskygirl?

    LOL, I doubt I would work up much of a sweat fending off a Llama so an infection is unlikely ; )
  8. uhoh

    Lafferty Goes Blue & Yellow

    I hope Rory kicks butt on the KX. He deserves recognition for his efforts and how well he did in Portugal this year.
  9. LOL, I get bashed all the time on every forum so don't take it too seriously. I archery hunt and have a passion for it most people don't understand. I get hammered almost everytime I bring it up. If you want to get away from some of this stuff build a sleeper. Like you said earlier you want a clean vehicle that doesn't scream look at me. Build a clean and quite truck that hauls the mail when you want it too. There are a couple guys running around my parts that have tuned trucks that you would have no clue would be so fast. One of the guys runs the local track and I watched that 7000 lb truck roll through the traps in the low 13's, didn't smoke, and he was taking it easy due to a potential tranny issue. I too would do that if I had the $. I love powerful vehicles and can't appologize for it, it's my DNA I say, LOL.
  10. I notice Gnarly pipes vs SST (read low vs high rpm) are shaped different in that the gnarly has a large expansion chamber and throat and the SST is smaller and perhaps even slightly longer. I had heard you put a 200 pipe on a 125 but I have not talked to anyone who has done so and what the result was.
  11. Hmmm this is funny thread. I like this quote "What it really comes down to is while you enjoy your freedoms, you shouldn't encroach upon someone else's." It applies to all walks of life period. Having typed that I must say I used to spend a lot of time at the drag strip, mother and father both raced, and I enjoyed street racing as well. Clearly that is illegal and OMG dangerous. Well so was driving across Spain last week at 135 mph or 220 kph according to the thingy on the dash. We love speed and doing stupid sheet. My duramax cost me less than my 1500 Dodge w/hemi and is faster, gets better mileage by a long way, and it's quieter. With the tuner to set to the higher level the vehicle passed the smog test on the lower end of the tolerance chart. That made me happy because I want the vehicle to be tuned properly. I too have a difficult time understanding loud anything except screams of pleasure, LOL. I personally hate Harley's and am usually annoid at my friends who ride them. To each his own I suppose but this craze to be noticed is generally accepted as annoying behavior by most people. Oh I guess I sort of had a point....racing is fun, race what you brung, and have fun. Not everyone can afford multiple cars, trucks, specific vehicles i.e. a race car for just dragging plus a daily rice burner and then a work truck for the trailers. I think it is how we act in our vehicles that sets the attitude of the others around us. In Spain and Portugal most of the vehicles were diesels. I drove a couple of diesel cars for 3 weeks and must say I would love to have that Citroen c4 in my garage. That stupid little car got 35 mpg at average of 115 mph. It did smoke a little here and there as I drove like it was a rental but most of the time the diesel vehicles in the major cities like Madrid and Barcelona were quite, smoke free, and did not stink like the old school crap running around the US. These vehicles were very clean. Last thing, there was a big test done by one of the diesel forums that compared programmers etc. The one thing that stood out to me was the fact they measured poor performance of a tuner to the amount of soot/smoke generated. The more crap spewed out the exhaust the worse the rating. Sure the power seemed to be higher but the idea was to put a tuner in the field that yielded responsible tuning for clean emissions and better performance. I think they were saying that equal performance can be gained with out creating the smoke if proper tuning is achieved. What that involves is beyond my scope. My truck is just fine the way it is, quite, smoke free, and powerful. My Mazada Protege is what I drive to work. It is ugly, old, and paid for and yes I will race anyone in it if they want to race....I will most likely lose it the journey of stupidity I enjoy most.
  12. uhoh


    125-150 work ok with rekluse clutches but you need the pro type model and you will need to experiment. I wound up running the heavier springs and removing a lot of the balls to get the clutch to work OK. I really didn't like it too well in the 125 for the type of riding I do. The 200's motor is entirely different and works with a rekluse. I think the tighter the terrain the better the clutch might work. Here is too open and steep and holds the little motor back too much.
  13. uhoh

    Thinking of going orange, advice???????

    The 250 is a great choice for the people on the fence. The 200 is the best technical bike IMO and the 300 is the do all bike. YZ 250's are awesome but if Orange is a choice I can't imagine there being dissapointment. I just abused a 2010 300 EXC or XCW, for us USA folks, for 6 days in Portugal. I will tell you this, the dual ignition and e start were awesome. I put the switch in high for the open and fast sections and on low for the technical stuff and was in love. The issue I had with the bike was not the rear linkless suspension but rather the forks. The back soaked up everything and stayed true to course. The front danced around lot and I got it under control after a few tweaks but I would have loved to play around with the spring rate or the oil height and dial it in. It was hard to screw around with it on the course. My buddies 09 is set up real well for me so I expected the 10 to be better and it might have been but I had 0 set up time on it. If I had the coin in my pocket I would have 2010 300 XCW or XC. The clear tank is sweet, e start, dual map, etc are all just very nice.
  14. uhoh

    My ID Vacation w McNuts. Huskygirl?

    Well, it appears it started as a blister. Something got into the area and started a major chain reaction. The infection was bad enough the doc had considered going to the hospital to see what he could rumage up that was more powerful than what he had. He was thinking I needed a series of shots if things did not get better real quick. I will say this....without a US team doctor I would have either been flown home or been in a Portugese hospital. I had red streaks running up my arm to my pit and neck and things were going down hill. What is strange is that my hand still hurts today. Actually hurts in a couple places one from a crash and the other from the infection. The doc thought I fractured something in my thumb area by my wrist.