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    I am new to TT. I am not the best rider, but when I am on my bike I have a great time. I have been to Croom a few times and yes, some ATV riders are **holes, but I have been cut off, etc. just as many times by my fellow bike riders. Maybe I'm too slow. Give me six months and hopefully I will change that. However, this guy just asked where to ride. ???? Why give him such a hard time? Don O you seem like a cool dude. You always invite anyone to ride with you. Thats cool as hell. I may take you up on it one day. I'm sure you will leave me in the dust, but I will have a hell of a good time learning from you. I say let let's not judge anyone until you see how they ride, follow the rules, wear the right gear, etc.. Just my opinion..........
  2. I'm 35 with maybe one year exp on a CR 125 when I was 13. I bought an 02 CR 250 about a month ago. The first thing I did is take it through some trails in the Brandon area. WOW! Probably added a few grey's with that one ride! Been out there several times since, and I can't get enough!
  3. surquhar

    Learn to ride (again) on a CR 250?

    Sorry - Typo - 02 CR250
  4. surquhar

    Learn to ride (again) on a CR 250?

    Thanks for all the input. I just bought a 04 CR 250. I will let you all know how it goes on Sunday!
  5. What do you think? Learn to ride a CR125 then move up. Or, just get the CR250 right away.
  6. surquhar

    06 CR 125 for $5500 OTD a good deal?

    Thanks. I live in Tampa and I've been searching all over central Florida looking for a deal. So far, thats the cheapest I've found. 05 or 06
  7. Two questions. 1. Is an 06 CR 125 for $5500 OTD a good deal? I am wondering after looking at some earlier posts. 2. All my friends ride 450 quads. Will I have similar ride times before filling up?