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  1. ok thanx!
  2. does any one know where i can get a new rear whell assembly for a 2002 cr 80
  3. do motocross boots usually run the same size as your shoe size? is FLY racing boots a good brand?
  4. can you guys send me some pics of your 250s
  5. goes any one have any black gas tanks for a cr 80 for sale??or know where i can get some?
  6. my friend says to rebuild the top-and- bottom end
  7. where do u guys recomend getting good after market graphic kits
  8. Honda

    what is the best up grade for a 300ex for more top end?
  9. would cr 85 graphics fit on a cr80
  10. would cr85 03 graphics fit on cr80 plastics
  11. will CR85 plastics fit on a cr 80?
  12. go for the 125 because in a few year he would be to big for a 80 expert they get boring
  13. will Cr 85 plastic fit on a 2000 cr80???
  14. Honda

    how can you add more power to a 300EX with a FMF pipe and its bored out to 330cc
  15. Will Cr85 plastic kits fit on a 2000 cr 80