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    if you guys want to come out during the week wedensday's i'm around all day tuesday's & thursday's not around until noon
  2. Toes

    "POLL" What is your favoite bike shop

    Moses Lake Powersports by far has to be my favorite shop. They are very knowledgeable, great staff, awesome prices, all the same people working there for years. I could go on forever about all the good things about the shop and as for bad there are none! Did I mention you can also get an awesome race motor built there. As for all of you that mail order I feel sorry for you. Why don't you try to build a good relationship with a shop! No one else will ever have my buisness but MOSES LAKE POWERSPORTS! Oh it doesn't matter how greasy and dirty you are, they show respect for everyone who comes in. THANK YOU MOSES LAKE POWERSPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve Eilers (Toes)
  3. Toesmxp.com is the web site of an Eastern Washington track located in Royal City
  4. Toes


    Riding conditions at Toes have been great this year and it looks like we are instore for more good weather so get off the couch and go riding