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  1. California

    I have a 2014 ram 1500 v6 extra cab and love it. Smooth, quiet and 25mpg. I don't tow anything over 5k.
  2. California

    Anyone use TOO TECH for there suspension revalve. I have a 08 yz125, 180lbs senior rider thinking about having my suspension done .
  3. Does this bike have the 2015 OEM front number plate and fender. Is that the gap everyone is talking about.
  4. Looking for an update on whats needed for a 08 YZ125. 1ss-14401-00-00 air cleaner Acerbis 2015 Front fender(drill or UFO),Rear fender,Side covers,Shrouds,Number plate. ? does the 2015 front number plate fit the 08 with out modification. thanks
  5. California

    Does anyone have an opinion for LACR vet track ?
  6. California

    Is there any nice place to camp in the LPNF.
  7. The bike runs and sounds great with JUST the comp. ECU kit. I added the FMF Q4 and could not be happier .
  8. California

    Can you post Ricks # . Thanks.
  9. California

    I have never been to Kennedy Meadows and would like to tent camp and ride for two full days in June or July . Can anyone recommend a camp to stay in and what trails to ride or is a group of TTers planing a trip soon. Where can I get a map of the trails. Thanks
  10. What are the changes the magazine recommends.
  11. Is the comp ecu necessary for a stock 250f with the snorkel removed, exhaust tip removed and the throttle screw removed.
  12. What happens when the valves go out. Will the bike leave me stranded.
  13. I am thinking about a used 250x that has a 08 oem head and SS valves. It seems the valves and heads are the week link on this bike. What is the cost to make the head and valves reliable. Do the 2012 250x come with a updated head and valves. Thanks
  14. I have the stock Leo Vince pipe from my 2012 TXC 310 that is brand new. What bikes will it fit and what is it worth. Thanks
  15. Does anyone make a trail tool that fits the front and back axles. What do the GNCC guys carry.