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  1. Just finished mine this weekend. I went with RIDEPG for the kit. My strongest advice to someone who has not done this before (like me) is: 1) Must use a hair dryer to form the graphics over big curves (the hair dryer fixed many of the imperfections that would have otherwise been there). 2) Apply them wet (i.e., us a soap solution or other decal applicant). This really allows you to relocate the graphics if they are not in the same spot. My mechanic buddy does his dry, but has been doing it for a long time. 3) Get a good plastic squeegie to smooth out the graphics and get out the air bubbles. I litterally went to the autopart store and got the bondo spreaders (3 sizes to a pack) for about $4.00. Just my 2 cents of course, but it is how I will do it next time on my sons bike
  2. jd01

    YZ Clutch Lever Easy pull Mod

    I get the whole concept of the mechanical advantage, but the actual clutch travel will now be less. Is it enough to fully engage/disengage. Thanks,
  3. I have an 05-WR450 and a 06 WR250 that I am working on the mods for. I am trying to determine exactly what airbox mods to to. As a minimum I will pull out the snorkel (opening up the extra space in between tubes). But that backfire screen seems awfully restrictive. It can't be more than 70% open. It seems like all the other mods are a mute point unless that screen is removed. Anybody have any performance data on the air filters with the fire retardant material? I have read that some feel the new air filter is actually more restrictive than the fire screen. Thoughts? Thanks,
  4. Christmas is around the corner and I'm trying to line up my muffler purchase for my WR250F (and WR450F). I will of course do all the free mods and put on an aftermarket exhaust. I am most interested in low to mid range power. Top end is not a big concern for me. Noise is not that big of an issue either as I ride in remote private land in florida. Although the White Bros E2 on my 2001 WR250f makes my ears hurt. So...not to quite, not to loud. hmmm. I have read 9 million aftermarket exhaust threads but can not get a handle on which ones may or may not be best suited for low end vs top end. Thanks in advance.
  5. jd01

    HMF Exhaust!

    Nice price. They did not offer a lot of info or specs. At least for my application. Anyone familiar with using these on bikes?
  6. jd01

    Radiator Guards

    I just last month purchased (and installed) Flatlands on my 05-WR450 and 06-WR250. My 01-WR250 has Devols. They are VERY similar. I think I like the Flatlands better because of the way the rear brace is mounted to the guard. They are welded on the Flatlands and bolted on the Devols. Either brand seem good. I did a extensive search, and do not recall detecting any consensus. The Flatlands seemed to have more space between the guard and the actual radiator, as compared to the Unibikers. That seemed important to me and that is what I based my decision on.
  7. jd01

    Radiator guards... Which ones?

    I have Devols on my older bike and they have been great. Radiator guard and brace combined. I have 2 new bikes that I will install them on but wanted to look around some more since it has been several years since I last did the research. You say Flatland Racing. Do you have any particular reasons? Thanks,
  8. I did all of the mods on my son's TTR 125, and was not very satisfied. 6 months later I got him a 2006 TTR 230. 2 rides later he was pretty dissapointed. So I researched all of the mods for the TTR 230 but before I spent the money I decided to upgrade to a WR 250 for him. He is 13 y/o and about 6' and 185 lbs. We took the TTR 230 to durhamtown and it was pretty marginal for him. The WRs have the magic button, and you should be able to find one in the same price range as the YZ. I have 3 WRs. 2-250s and a 450. They are perfect (uncorked). The YZ are fantastic as well, just no magic button. That was very important for me. I choose not to spend the money on the TTR 230, but to upgrade instead. We are very happy with that choice.
  9. jd01

    TTR 230 Exhaust Baffle question

    I have not taken the snorkel out yet, or put in the new main. Still waiting on it to get here. Just wanted to pull out the spark arrestor (I said baffle in the original post, but that's wasn't correct) to give it a little better sound for this weekend. It sounds like a moped when stock. Not very motivating. I am not sure if this will lean it too much and cause an overheating situation.
  10. jd01

    TTR 230 Exhaust Baffle question

    Anyone? My son is heading out this weekend on the 230. Can I just pull out the removable baffle on the exhaust without doing any other carb mods at this time? Or will that lean it out too much and cause some damage? Oh it is a 2006 TTR 230. Thanks in advance.
  11. jd01

    TTR 230 vs TTR 250

    My son has a 230 and my neighbor has the 250. Upgrade to the 250 without a doubt! It is a bulletproof easy bike to ride, and is definately more suited to your size. By the way, do you have the part numbers for the new jets for the 230? I need to make the mods to my sons bike. Thanks
  12. jd01

    230 Pilot HELP!!!

    Are you using the Mikuni 135 main? I was thinking I'll leave the pilot alone as well. I can wait a few extra minutes for it to warm up. It idles fine anyway. Did you adjust your fuel screw?
  13. jd01

    Happy with your TTR?

    I have an 06 TTR 230. It has been a great bike as far as dependability and ease of maintenance. I'm not sure of your size and skill, but my 13 y/o at 5'-9" tall and 165 lbs has outgrown it. Rather than spend more money on a bike that will still be small, I will have to get him a WR250. Very solid bike, but carefully consider what you will be doing with it in 6 months or a year. Not an MX-er at all! I've got a nice 06 to sell!
  14. jd01

    What about the new TTR 230(250?)?

    I saw one at the dealer yesterday and it looked very different than my wife's TTR-225. Does anyone own one or has anyone ridden one? I just bought my son (12y/o, 5'8", 160lbs) a new 2006 TTR 230. Unfortunately I wish I had not. He is fairly new to riding, but has already surpased the capabilities of the 230. Now I am looking into spending a lot of time and money into exhaust, suspension, and carburator mods. If I had to do it again, I would have bitten-the-bullet and bought him the WR-250. He can ride mine just fine, and I would not have had to sink a lot of upgrade dollars into it. Buying the cheaper bike to start off is not always the best way to go. Think about it carefully.
  15. jd01

    What are some cheap mods for the ttr 125

    Trenton, Just finished up my TTR125 mods this weekend. Very easy and very cheap. Here's the runddown. Power Tip for stock exhaust ($30) 2 new jets (17.5 & 110) $6 K& N filter $60 but probably not necessary. This is all for the standard mods that you keep reading about on the posts. Mod the exhaust, mod the airbox, replace the jets. Really runs nice. Makes a good sound as well. Makes it sound almost like a motorcycle and not an electric scooter. I could have done them all in an hour, but my 12y/o wanted to pretend we were pimping his rids and he was big Pauly. BTW. I do not think it is necessary to drill an addtional hole in the airbox. Just removing the snorkle is good enough. There is actually more surface area after removing the snorkle than the opening under the air filter, so no need to add more. Well worth the hour of your time.