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  1. 02rdking

    Hot start problem

    Thanks Vegan and Donny! I will check these and post results!
  2. 02rdking

    Hot start problem

    I appreciate your answers, but it's not really what I'm looking for. First, checking for spark is impossible with the clarke 3.9 tank on. But I'm trying to determine what would cause it to have no spark, and how can I check those components. If there was fuel in the oil (there's not), why would that keep it from starting when warm?
  3. 02rdking

    My rides in Azores

    Beautiful!! Those ruts are insane!! They swallow your bike! Awesome place you live. I assume the weather is tropical? What do they grow on those fields? Thanks for sharing!!
  4. 02rdking

    Hot start problem

    I've got a problem starting when hot. I've used the search on this, but haven't really found what I'm looking for. '06 400s -3x3, Yosh full system, dynojet on stock carb, manual petcock. Bike runs great, but after running for even a few minutes, it doesn't want to start. Cranks over good but doesn't fire. If i wait 10-20 minutes, it starts fine. Things that have commonly been suggested are stator, jetting and valve adjustment. If it is the stator, how can I test this, and why does it happen? Is at a "heat soak" type of situation? I have a tough time believing there is a jetting problem as the bike runs so good. I also have a problem believing valve adjustment is an issue. The knowledge on this site is awesome, and totally the reason the bike runs so good - hell, it's the reason I even own this bike - Thanks!
  5. 02rdking

    ocotillo wells (directions-shortcuts!!?)

    Take I-10 east to 86S (waaaay out in Indio). Big, smooth, straight roads with no drama. North side of ocotillo is off S-22 (across from superburger). For south end (blue inn, ranger station), go down to 78 and turn right. Most of all, watch out for the idiots and HAVE FUN!!!
  6. 02rdking

    Last minute OC SM ride.

    I hope you're not planning on taking Santiago all the way to Main Divide (dirt road) to Ortega. It's closed for probably another year.
  7. 02rdking

    Unabiker Radiator Guards

    Sorry, but ALL unabiker horsepower increases will have to be confirmed by Eddie (from the super-secret dyno test)!
  8. I can't believe nobody mentioned this yet: CHECK THE LUG NUTS!!!!!!!!
  9. 02rdking

    DRZ400S Yellow or Blue ?

    EVERYBODY knows blue ones are faster:prof:
  10. Don't know if this helps you , but I recently needed some pieces for my bsr- I went to malcom smith in riverside. Counter guy was quite helpful - takes about 3 days for special order.
  11. 02rdking

    15 S before Railroad Cyn. RD.North side..Elsinore

    If you mean the dirt area over by the car dealerships- it is NOT a legal area. However, I've never seen anybody get busted for it. It is a very small area that a lot of people take their kids to learn. The closest legal riding is wildomar for off road or forest roads for plated bikes.
  12. 02rdking


    Hey sd, that IS the north side of the road that goes to wildomar ohv - Main Divide Rd. Do you need directions from the 15? On another note, need to keep an eye on conditions / closures: http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/cleveland/conditions/
  13. 02rdking


    How necessary is the Adventure Pass? I've ridden up there before, got stopped by the ranger (plate check), but never got asked for a pass:excuseme: .
  14. 02rdking


    How 'bout a bump - just 'cause this looks fun!!
  15. 02rdking

    Chocolate Mountain

    East of the Salton Sea - North of Glamis