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  1. batman1679

    DRZ info site?

    great stuff. thanks again.
  2. batman1679

    DRZ info site?

    thank you sirs! much appreciated.
  3. batman1679

    DRZ info site?

    http://tinyurl.com/39rasm I am looking for information jetting but it doesn't seem to be here.
  4. batman1679


    if you are thinking about getting a DRZ check this impressive resource out.... http://tinyurl.com/39rasm
  5. batman1679

    DRZ or KLR

    If you are into the DRZ check this site out..... http://tinyurl.com/39rasm Later, B
  6. batman1679

    KLR Pics - Post Em

    nice rides!
  7. batman1679

    DRZ or KLR

    Thanks, appreciate all the help I will make sure I use that search function and let you know what I find out. My riding would mostly be off road. pavement sucks!
  8. batman1679

    KLR Pics - Post Em

    what do you think of the green monster? looks like some good terrain to ride in, at least a little better than Michigan in the winter
  9. batman1679

    DRZ or KLR

    Think about getting one of these two bikes, anyone have any good advice/experiences on either of these would be appreciated. Thanks again and happy riding.
  10. Could you help me out as well, fairly new to this site. I am quite husky and would like to start doing some more dual sport riding.