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  1. G MONEY50

    ktm questions

    hey im really new to ktms. i have a cr 250 and i want to get a street legal bike. i would like a bike that i can still do really tight trails, hillclimbs etc but i would like to be able to cruise the highway for 45 minutes when i need to. looking for somthing that i wont have to do religous maintenance and that will go a decent distance on a tank of fuel. i was thinking the ktm 525 or the 450. not sure which would be the better choice as im not familiar with these 2 bikes at all. can someone tell me what all the ktm names mean? exc, sx etc what do they stand for? can you tell me the pros and cons of both bikes and what i can expect. someone told me that you adjust the valves from outside the motor??? how do these bikes handle compared to the japanese bikes and whats the power comparisons to a wr 450 type bike. i had a wr 450 and i thought it was heavy and clumsy. any other considerations or things about either of the bikes let me know. i want the ultamite dual sport but mainly a dirtbike. I know theres no perfect bike out there but whats the best option? thanks guys hope this question hasnt been asked too many times.
  2. G MONEY50

    2002 Cr 250r

    good bike i got same one. check the crank seal and make sure its not leaking. mine did leak and its been a headache forever... happy riding
  3. G MONEY50

    why oh why wont my bike run right.

    i will do this, but this time im getting my mechanic to put it in. would of cost me 40 bucks in the beginning and now its costing me riding time and a headache. thanks for all your help, ill let the guy figure it out and im hoping it will be the seal i atempted to replace.
  4. G MONEY50

    why oh why wont my bike run right.

    the work was done by a 20 year vet bike mechanic. i am running 50:1 motul mix oil. i went riding today topped the oil up and took it for a ride and it did not stop smoking at all. the bike was wayyyy down on power and oil was splooging like mad out of the exhaust port to expansion chamber seal. so what im wondering is if it could be the seal between the 2 crank cases? and i suppose a rebuild is in order? its stupid cause i just rebuilt it like 20+ hours ago. could it possibly be a rich jetting and oil leaking problem? all i know is it smokes like a bastard. before it ran really strong, now with fresh oil and filter today it ran like a pile of shit. no power would barely spin the tire up. it sounded more liek a 125 then a narly 250.. i didnt foul a plug at all, but the plug has alot of oil on it, i think from rich jetting bu not sure casue of the oil issue. it is quite possible that the crank seal is pinched or somthing cause i had to force it in. i change my oil on a proper stand and ive done it alot. it isnt rocket science. i usually drain and fill 700 ml and call er good, go riding for 10 hours change it and repeat... now im really stumped on this one.... any other thoughts would be great i will try and check the ignition side for oil leakage.
  5. heres the deal, 2002 cr 250, new crank seal and collar... so last oil change i put in 700 ml. i left the oil longer then usual partly becasue i wanted to ride more and didnt have the oil on hand plus i was running synthetic. well i go to change the oil today and it drips out about a cup im lost... there seemed to be no blow by on the piston but there was grooves. how can it be using oil like this??? it dosent make sence to me. i also had the pipe off and burned out the carbon in it. i looked at the piston and its scored up:mad: :ride: im choked. i had it rebuilt about 20 hours or more ago. im riding trails and roads. so what the hell is wrong with this picture?? im seriouly clueless and so frusterated id like to sell this pos. on the other hand i have alot of money and new parts in it so if i can fix this cheap id like to. i just dont get it, new crank seal, new rebuild and recoat of the cylinder... and then now it smokes like crazy and spits oil out of everywhere. i fired it up to warm up before the ol change and oil spewed out of the exhaust port REMIND ME AGAIN WHY I SOLD MY WR 450 FOR THIS 2 STROKE SPLOOGING PILE????????????????? im in a reaaaaly bad mood about this thing. anything you have to say on what could be wrong with this picture fly at er.
  6. G MONEY50

    Rim stickers?

    agreed ride your bike and shutup.... lol
  7. kenco in sooke oh wait thats like 4000 k away from you.... woops lol
  8. G MONEY50

    Rear tire for the coming season. cr250

    i just throw on race used tires for 20 bucks and giver!!! why are people so caught up in tread design, what boots there wearing, what color there bike is, what helmet they have, what underwear there wearing, what chain they have, what oil they use, how go up a hill climb, how to side hill, how to pull a wheelie, how to how to how to!!!! out your bike in gear and just ride!!!!! thats my rant for today not having the best of days.... not to mention everythings iced over and i cant go riding plus my bikes running like a pile and its getting really depressing!!!!!! im just sick of people and there dumb questions!! ive never ever thought about wether my tread design is good enough or not.. if it has tread its good to go!!!! flame on!!!!!!!!
  9. G MONEY50

    2002 cr 250 clutch problems

    the bike still splooges like no other.... im lost:bonk:
  10. G MONEY50

    2002 cr 250 clutch problems

    thank you both for your very good replys i appreciate it!! what i did was start the bike, let it warm for 3+ minutes and then i put it in gear with the clutch in and it jumped ahead on me like i didnt have the clutch in... then i adjusted the freeplay all the way to the right of the bolt thing if you were looking at the cable behind the bars... it had ALOT of freeplay i thought and the clutch was dissengaging when i sat on the bike, but on the stand the wheel spun sort of fast i thought... another thing was that the clutch was engaging right at the end of the lever when it was almost let out all the way... keep in mind this clutch is a barnet dirt digger with probably 20 hours on it and a freshly rebuilt motor... any other sugestions with out tearing this damn thing apart again??? should i just back off the freeplay a bit and keep messing with that adjustment?? also with my oil seal the actual seal is about 1mm off of the case. i mean that it is sticking out 1mm is that ok?? thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. G MONEY50

    Anyone know if this guy is a TT member?

    um..... who cares......
  12. G MONEY50

    2002 cr 250 clutch problems

    hello, i repalced my crank seal and i have a few quetions.. first off does the crank seal have to be flush with the casing?? i pressed it in there as far as i could i thought... but a little little bit of it was still poking out... and i put the collar thing in first then the seal ontop... just making sure i did it right... then i got my clutch together... put the plates in the same way they came out... put the springs in and tightened them down all then way... then put everything back together and bike runs good kickstarter works good... but the clutch wont fully disengage... i start the bike up and put it in gear with the clutch in on a stand and the tire spins freely... ive adjusted the freeplay... i think... any other sugestions im lost!!!!! im realy choked at my bike right now i just want to ride... any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
  13. G MONEY50

    2002 cr 250

    crank seal is in.. i think... was a bitch getting the kickstart gear and spring to work right had to take it apart a few times... will try running bike tommorow and see what its like as for my exhaust expansion chamber what should i do about all the carbon inside?? it cannot help performance... thanks
  14. G MONEY50

    2002 cr 250

    well i talked to my actual bike mechanic lol and the oil that is spewing out the exhaust is caused from a leaking crank seal we think.... so 50 bucks in parts and a bit of time and it should be good to go. il try it out and see if thats what it was. thanks
  15. G MONEY50

    Riding in Vancouver Island

    theres a place in victoria that you can rent scooters, dual sport and harleys from... the scooters you dont need a liscence but the other bikes you do.. if were you id bring your own bike.. let me know and ill take you out riding.. thing is you sort of have to know where to ride on the island becasue theres not too many tracks and everywhere else is "illegal".... but everyone still rides it... where are you staying?