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    I just bought mine yesterday 2004 in mint or as close to it as you can get for $4100 can. with 3200Kms and no extras...they are $7100 OTD up here!!! Go and ride it if you can and you will love it!!! I did!!!
  2. Willys

    Well I finally did it???

    I'm the proud dad to a boucing baby 2004 KLR650!!! So.. here's my list of complaints!!!! 1: none ...I love it!!! Reminds me of my old 1946 Military Jeep ...rattles, vibrates. and has some grunt!!! Man I miss my old flat fender!!! But I got a new baby to rattle my old bones down the highway now!!! I'm in heaven...
  3. Willys

    KLR 650 No spark, Pleeeze help!

    Hi: I just had the exact same thing with my ninja...did all the same tests found that the coils both were testing no good, cdi box same etc..all of the same things as you said...Last thing I checked was every wire from the starting and ignition circiut and found a wire broken off the ignition switch but close enough that it would start sometimes and run as normal. But as soon as I resoldered it back together ....problem solved!! It's like new again! Sure glad I had the smarts to sit for hours and followed the wiring diagram...what a pain that was...but way cheaper than replacing all of the components that falsely checked out dead!! Good luck!!
  4. Willys

    Need quick advice...please!!!

    Gone already!!! SOB!!!
  5. Hi I have found a 2001 KLR 650 and need to know if there is anything I need to lookout for with that year of bike?? Willys
  6. Hi guys: That is exactly what my wife needs too, except in a 4 stroke config. I think I have talked her into buying a bike in the new year to go along with mine. She needs something small to learn on as she is 100lbs soaking wet!!! Willys
  7. Thanks for the suggestion on the V-storm ..bt I don't like the look sorry!!!Yuk! I think I have all but decided to go with a KLR650. Just need to find one at a good price new from what dealer I don't know! Toronto Ontario Canada area Thanks again Which dealer have you had a better buying deal and experience from in my area??? Willys
  8. Willys

    What gear does a newbie need?

    I used to ride my 600XL with work boots on 20 plus years ago....I can still tell you when it's going to rain!!!! I broke my left leg in 3 places just above the boot above my ankle and split the main bone up to the knee!!!! It wouldn't have happened if i was wearing proper boots!!! I went out before the next season and bought the best books I could afford!!! It took 13 weeks of being plasted from my bag to the tip of my toes before I could bend my leg again!!! BUY the boots!!! Willys
  9. Hi guys: I will ride mostly on the street as I perfer the seating postion of a duelsport bike, had a Honda 600XL years ago and enjoyed it. I have a bad neck due to a car accident, plated and fused, so streetbikes are out. I have a 98 Ninja at the moment and it has to go. I want enough power to get me from A to B and be able to get past the traffic and out of harms way if needed. I have a Polaris 500HO sportsman ATV for the dirt so I would only do light trails at the most on it. I have been leaning towards a KLR650 new but wanted to hear about all of the other brands and what you experts have to say about them all. New KLR650 in my area is $6500. and that is all I really want to spend or close to it. I need a very comfy seat for comuting hour or more each way daily and possibly for trips across the land to see...? This is why I have leaned toward the KLR650 but am open to suggestions. Thanks again Willys
  10. Willys

    better dealer for KLR650????

    Hi guys: I am looking to be soon buying a new KLR650 and need to know if there is a better dealer in Ontario Toronto to Barrie area to deal with ??? I have called the Kawa dealer in Barrie, St Onge I think..$6500 out the door for a 2007...any others??? Any suggestions on who to use and who NOT to?? Willys
  11. Hi guys: I may as well ask and get flamed right away!!! Which duel sport is better for touring, street riding mostly, comfort,reliability,performance, warrantee issues....??etc etc..?? I am looking at a new KLR650.....but may as well get ripped and ask the stupid questions now as not at all and buy something that may not be the better choice....RIGHT???? What do you think of the other brands and their comparable machines in this class???? Be gentle...I'm fragile!!!! lol I should say I'm 6' 1" and 200lbs. Pound away!!! I've got strong shoulders!!!! lol Willys
  12. Hi Guys: I have already desided to wait and see what happens in the next few months with my finances....I am inclinded to buy machinery new as that way I always know what it's life has been like and therefore less trouble in the long run. My problem is that I see something I want and the blood gets rushing and I don't always think with the correct head so to speak!!!! lol I will probably buy a new bike , the best deal I can get in Toronto Ontario is $6500 out the door...no movement! They seem to sell like hotcakes...but you rarely see the bikes around??? I want a KLR but have had a Honda 600XL for a short spell in the late eighties. I plan on doing mostly street riding with it as I like the upright seating position and way it feels and acts. At the moment I have a 98 Kawa Ninja with 1200kms original but hate it...I'm not comfortable with the handle bar seat relationship. Any way....is there a compareable duel sport out there to the KLR650???That I should be looking at??? I have always heard that the KLR650 has been the top of the field...is this still true??? Willys
  13. Hi guys: I have seen that there is a 2003 KLR on Ebay for roughly $5000 in near new shape. Question is...is it worth it??? I have found that I can get a 2007 for $6500 in my area. Also..are the new bikes that much better and what do I look for, or look out for??? I have been out of riding for some 20 years and want desparately to get back in the saddle again. I used to have a duel sport way back when so want the same again. Please can someone help an old guy out??? lol Willys
  14. Hi guys: I just found your huge site ....WOW!!! It's going to take a while to see everything here. I am thinking on getting back into the dual sport bike scene, except to just ride the roads. I had a XL600R years ago and wished I never sold it. But life has it's little ups and downs! Any way I was thinking about a 650KLR for my next bike. Can anyone let me know what you think of them and what to look out for if I choose to go used. But I'm pretty sure I will be getting a new one. I am still recovering from a rear end accident which left me with 3 herniated discs in my neck and a plate. I like the straight up seating position of the dual sport style bike as it will allow me to ride with my neck. I want to tour with it rather than do the off road trail riding. I have an ATV at the moment which has to go because of my neck. Sorry to go on , but it has taken a while for me to find a good site like this one to get some helpful information from. Thanks