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    dSA kit

    I had the same problem with my 2008 450X. I ended up cutting and splicing the wires. The plate light never did work. Brake switch and headlamp switch failed soon after I got it plated. Never got one phone call or email returned in over a year.
  2. 684

    How setup the steering damper right?

    Here is a good article on how the stock damper works. http://www.vitalmx.com/features/First-Look-HPSD-Honda-Progressive-Steering-Damper,1903 As far as keeping it on or taking it off. I have a Scotts and the Honda HPSD on a 2008 450X. I have the sweep set to 34 degrees range and the high speed set to where there is just a little noticable drag on the Scotts and the Honda one set to max damp. You can change the wt of the oil inside the HPSD and the 450R model has stiffer spring you can buy or shim the stock spring, but I would not do it over again myself. Before I put the Scotts on I have tried everything I could to make the HPSD work a little better but no matter what we tried it made so little difference you could not even tell. As for the two fighting each other. I have my sweep set narrow on the Scotts so it is about finished where the HPSD pretends to do it's thing. I tested with the sweep at its widest setting making it dampen from lock to lock and it would mask the HPSD to where you did not even know it existed. Leave it on, take it off doubt you would even notice. I already had the Scotts unit when I got this 08 so I used it, but there are some better dampers out there. I ride an 450X woods/cross country and this is only my opinion, but I hope it saves someone a little effort.
  3. 684

    2008 450 X Jetting and Steering Damper Mod

    We have tried different wt. oil and shimming the spring inside the damper and to be honest I can not even tell its there on my 2008. I already have a scotts and got a sub mount and tower today. If you are going to buy look around, there are other dampers out there. My question is do I leave the stock one on or run the scotts solo?
  4. 684

    jetting stock 2008 450x

    I have a bone stock 08 and the stock jetting is fine for me. I ride with a 2006 and a 2007 450X and before we jetted those bikes you didnt even want to ride them, they would bog right when you needed power the most. It was almost dangerous. Both of those bikes had the air box cut and the baffle removed with stock jetting when I rode them. It was very very obvious something was wrong. Since Dec 25, 2007 I have had zero issues with my bike. No overheating, no decel pop, nothing. I am assuming they changed something going into 08 or I got lucky. If you jet your bike, let me know what you thing of the change. I live in Tarrant County.