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  1. 07 x4 used excellent condition!!! 1300.00
  2. Just want to Thank TDK MOTO/MOTOVERT Dustin/Tommy for stepping up the last minute and providing us to race Vegas. We won the 12E LCQ and placed 12th(second row start) in the main, this is a first for TDK MOTO/MOTOVERT/MINIME and we are happy that we could be part of it. Also Thankyou to: Kendall CAT 5 Matt NCC Ras Thumpstar Mike TB You all made this happen for us............Thankyou.........We had a blast!!!!!
  3. Vinco is a company that's building some trick pit bikes but unfortunatley could not come through for Vegas. So TDK/MOTOVERT stepped up and provided a ride in both the 10E and 12E for Vegas. We will be on TDK MOTO/MOTOVERTS for the East Coast Nats. and the MOM series. So it will be MINIME/TDK MOTOVERT. TDK/MOTOVERT is the USA distributor for MOTOVERT
  4. And he's got it!! These guy's stepped up big TDK/MOTOVERT
  5. If you don't mind me asking what jetting do you have in the TM 28 flat slide?
  6. GREAT! John let me know if I can be of any help call me anytime.....Mark
  7. any honda dlr crf 70,80,100 front # plate!
  8. Yes that's a 05 125x pitsterpro stink bug handling chain falls off do to poor tensioner .You were going to spend 800.00 save up a little more and look for a used x2 .
  9. Retail on the 110 poli sport plastic is 120.00 from marshall dist so for 75.00 shipped that's below dlr????..............Smokin deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. It makes enough power to win a major pit bike series and never skipped a beat, ya you might pay alot, but like they say you get what you pay for! And Billy has alot of talent and does a fantastic job to make it all happen!! He's enjoying the pit bike thing.
  11. Why?????
  12. Thanks Gary the x4r held up and ran flawlessly through the whole series! It was alot of fun chasing down 40k worth of pit bikes in front of us at the last round Mototown. And after the race taking the engine out and selling the roller for $1500.00 bucks lol!
  13. pretty much stock x4r with a tak 124+r which the 124+r might be for sale?
  14. Yes Billy won 2 classes overall on a MiniMeracing prepared PitsterPro!!!
  15. Has the price of the elka upgrade on the x4r gone down???? I thought it was $425.00 for the elka upgrade on the x4r as of 12/13??? as of 12/13/$425.00..........PitsterPro web site/$450.00............or is it $380.00???