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  1. wannadance

    clutch lifter rod prob..

    'sorry for my bad english' the klr 650 of a friend of mine make a strange noise on the right side of the crankcase.. the little clutch lifter rod have a 'up and down' freeplay about 1 or 2 mm and I hear a metal cruch sound when the bike is on neutral the noise is present when i pull and release de clutch lever..
  2. wannadance

    E-lines pipes guard ?

    and is it true it will give more ponies just by elevating the gas flow temperature ? seem weird
  3. wannadance

    E-lines pipes guard ?

    how durable a e-line carbone/kevlar pipe guard is ? lots of rock here, and i dont want to dent my stock pipe good or bad this accessories is ?
  4. wannadance

    stock pipe question ?

    can i platine or chrome a stock 06 pipe ??
  5. wannadance

    e-lines accessories ?

    where can i get a pipe guard for my 2006 yz 250.. makes more than 10 dealer but nobodies can.. i live in Drummondville, in Quebec, Canada
  6. wannadance

    Best 2 stroke oil

    hey nobody run with ipone exept me ?
  7. wannadance

    Best 2 stroke oil

    Ipone Samurai Racing with the strawberry smell 40:1 very good oil
  8. wannadance

    Need Grafics for my Pitster!!

    check this website http://www.mxsouth.com/ nice things on it !
  9. wannadance

    Staggs fork

    i will keep the stock one.. and wait to see the new pitster !
  10. wannadance

    Staggs fork

    someone try the Staggs Racing SX Pro Inverted forks ? any review and will fit the pitster?
  11. wannadance

    fork for pitster

    marzocchi USD fork is worthwhile or should i just keep the stock and dont waste my money for nothing
  12. wannadance

    pitster difference

    what are the differences between '06 and '05 pitster.. and can someone put a picture of a '05 thks
  13. wannadance

    yz250 2006 exhaust

    best exhaust for '06 yz250 some1 try DEP pipes and silencer ? or what is the best?
  14. wannadance

    air filter for pitsterpro

    Thks for the reply !!