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  1. Motocrossjones

    Don't you hate it when they kick back?

    Back in the early 70's a fellow riding a 501 Maico broke his leg and arm trying to start it. The old 501's were very hard to start due to compression and for some reason the kick lever would get stuck between the frame and foot peg, when he reached down to pull the kicker back up it snapped back up and caused compound breaks to his arm and leg. It was horrible.
  2. Motocrossjones

    My recent absence

    Hang in there brother, I'm praying for you, this will be a hard time, but you can't blame yourself for not being there. Be strong.
  3. Motocrossjones

    New owner questions 450F

    First thing you do is remove and grease all your bearings, (linkage, swingarm, wheels and steering head) and check all the fasteners and tire pressures. I Change my oil every four hours and filter every twelve, but some don't change for up to ten hours. Change the oil after break in. Wash your air filter after every ride regardless of how dirty it looks, this is the secret to your valves longevity. At break in, ride the bike normally but stay off the rev limiter. I only rode mine ten to fifteen minutes at a time for the first hour, but the truth is, if you follow the manufacturers recommendations you can't go wrong. Set your rider sag after you break the bike in, this will give your suspension time to settle in. As far as riding technique, you'll just have to get used to the bike and what works for you.
  4. Motocrossjones

    Nicky is a World Champ!

    I have been looking through all the papers for articles on our first Moto GP Champion since 2000 and didn't see a damn thing. man, that really pisses me off; But some Ghetto POS that can play basketball will be in the paper every day. When Pedrosa took Nicky out I almost cried and thought that it was all over for Nicky's championship hope, then when I saw Valentino loose his front end in Spain I couldn't believe my eyes. No one deserves the Championship more then Nicky, I'm a happy man.
  5. Motocrossjones

    Hayden's triumph (or Rossi's choke) settles it...

    Rossi is from another world when it comes to road racing. Nicky is certainly very fast and as evidenced by this season in the top three for speed and consistancy. The stars were certainly aligned in Nicky's favor this year. As much as I love Nicky and wanted him to win the championship Valentino's misfortunes cost him the championship, but hey, thats racing, right? Go Nicky.
  6. Motocrossjones

    New Piston??

    Just rebuilt my motor and the piston was still within spec after 70+ hrs so I just replaced the rings and seals, I would heed the factory recommendation for wear tolerances though.
  7. Motocrossjones

    Vintage MX boots

    Metro carries the HI-POINT replica boots, just like I wore in 1973. Made by Alpinestar.
  8. Motocrossjones

    riding boots

    It depends on how much you want to spend but Gaerne RX2 boots run about 159.00 and are the best quality for the money
  9. Motocrossjones

    The Best Riding Song

    Man, I remember listening to Bad Motor Scooter and The Motorcycle song before my motos at Mammoth mountain 1975, great songs in the good ol days.
  10. No, its true, I had an O-ring on my fork tube and it got sucked under the wiper twice, after the second time I just took it off. weird shit.
  11. Motocrossjones

    Have you had this happen?

    It would be my guess that the dealer you bought the bike from decided to shim the valves before selling and the pothead that did the job forgot to tighten the cam support.
  12. Motocrossjones

    should i get a 05' crf450r?

    Yeah, I concur, you could put a new 2006 head, valves and springs on for under six hundred dollars.
  13. Motocrossjones

    Anyone running Mich., Metzlers or Maxxis?

    Maxxis IT rear and Dunlop 756 front. Maxxis IT has the best longevity of any tire I have ever used, try it, you wont be disappointed.
  14. Motocrossjones

    Seal Leaking Behind Countershaft Sprocket

    Yes, pretty simple procedure. just remove the bushing the sprocket rides against and pull the seal out with a hooked object, you may as well replace the D-ring in the end of the bushing as well. Good luck
  15. Motocrossjones

    Sounds like the AMA is tring to fix itself?

    If the AMA were to implement a rule such as that, it seems to me that it would make more sense to require all riders to ride 125 and 250 two strokes, that may very well save the venerable 2t's in my opinion and make a hell of a lot more sense. The AMA brass are just idiots, it almost seems as if they are trying to kill the sport of Motocross.