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  1. Hi Guys Haven't been in here for ages ...! Winter's coming and it's time to put the GSXR in the garage and get the Katy out again - this thime though I have a little project. I recently picked up a 540 barrel and piston for next to nothing - and there's nothing wrong with it either apart from some minor scuffing where the piston picked up a little. To go with that I have an FCR39 MX heaved off a 450 suzuki or something.. Anyhoo, I was thinking that it might be a relatively straightforward transplant onto the 400 crankcase but am struggling to find any information about this particular conversion. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?? Cheers Greg
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    I think I might have the last one then... Stock black and orange (as they should be) no changes, but I havea loud pipe and supermoto wheels for summer posing. Winter use is all off-road and throught the wettest muddiest lanes I can find... Greg ps- is there anyone who can help with a slight carb glitch?? Cheeers !!