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    Review new 07 vs 06 SX-F

    awsome looking bike!!! I like the orange anadized Factory 4.1, it looks sweet. Those backrounds really help the look of the bike, makes it seem like it has number plates. My 06 is really staring to look old with how good the 07s look.
  2. This may not be your problem, but check the spark plug cap to make sure it is not cracked. Mine did this a while back and caused the bike to miss fire and it felt like it was bogging. You may already know this but I thought I would suggest a possible thing to look at.
  3. KTMRider_981

    KTM; My observations

    Honestly, I hate stock suspension on all bikes, Japanese or Austrian. I won't tell you that Ktm suspension is better than any Japanese bike out of the box but will say that I hate riding on any bike that is not properly sprung and valved for my skill level and weight (6'3' 175#, int. mx). I also would like to point out that all bikes have handling flaws and part of riding is learning to properly set up your bike to make it work the best for you as it can. Some are easier than others but all need a little tweaking. The reason I am currently riding Ktm's right now is reliability. I feel that Ktm knows how to build fast, reliable motors that are a better starting point than some of the others. I don't look at stock suspension comparisons when I look at a bike review because I know that I will be sending it to be revalved as soon as I get it.
  4. From what I have seen, these bikes are extemely reliable. I have an 06 and my dad has an 05.5 plus I have some friends who are brothers that have three 05.5s. The only problem with the motor was a rod on one of my friends bikes that was recalled, so going off what I have seen and with how much I ride I would say that the bike is at least as reliable as my 03 YZ250F if not more.
  5. I have an 06 with about 20 hrs. on it. I was having the same problem, it would idle fine but any gas and it would die. I tried just about everything with the jetting and adjusted the valves. When that didn't work I brought it to the shop where they rechecked the valves and where pretty much stumped, until they noticed the spark plug was shooting a spark out at the top of the porcalin(SP?). It was causing the motor to miss. Put the new spark plug in and it runs perfect now.
  6. KTMRider_981

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    I got my new backrounds today, they turned out really good!!
  7. KTMRider_981

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    my 2 motorscooters