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    Camping in the desert and riding quads/dirtbikes, Waverunners at the river.
  1. California

    I have an IMS 3.1 gal tank but it can be done with the stock tank. We ride from Pine Valley through four corners to the lower campground. We go left out of the main entrance to the campground and follow the fire road all the way around to Los Pinos Mtn. Go half way up and split right on the single track that takes you back to the campground. Like I said, by the time we get back to the Pine Valley exit, we are right at 50 miles. I've done it with the stock tank with having to give some gas to a friend who ran out. Hope this helps.
  2. California

    We start at Pine Valley pretty often and the ride from that point, through Four Corners, to the lower camp ground, around the northern loop and back is 50 miles by the time we get back to the truck.
  3. I agree that it could over charge the battery but I've been running mine without the front and rear lights for a while and haven't noticed any problems......... yet.
  4. Here's a copy of mine. It's for an aluminum framed 450.
  5. I fixed a cracked case with JB Weld and it's held up pretty good. You just have to make sure you clean it really good.
  6. I've got an 07 WR450 (same bike as yours) with the 3.1 IMS and GPR under bar mount. Plenty of room.
  7. This is what I did.
  8. Steering stabilizer?
  9. Make sure, on what ever bike you buy, to pull the air filter off and check for dirt and sand in the air boot. I missed that step on the last used bike I bought.
  10. +1. I just split my cases two weeks ago and I used a rubber mallet to get them apart. It even says to use that technique in the manual. No need for a case splitter. As for the timing, follow the steps in the manual and it won't be to difficult. You can also search this forum for pictures and input.
  11. This is what I did on my 07. Simple L-bracket off the top bolt of the tripple clamp.
  12. I don't know if the Canadian bike is the same, but my 07 changes by holding down the SLCT2 button for 2 seconds.
  13. I did the suspension on my 07 and was able to get them out with an impact wrench without the tool. I don't think it would be very hard to make a tool out of pvc or something if you had to.
  14. Installed a GPR stabilizer, pulled the lights and computer off and put on a number plate.
  15. +1 on the suspension upgrade. It's easy to get caught up in the power mods and over look the most important part of the bike. I did my suspension after all the power upgrades and realized I should have done it first.