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    Anybody got a 2007 WR yet

    I picked my new bike up from the dealer over a week ago and took it for a ride up the back on some vacant land. Boy was I disappointed. Coming off a CRF450R onto this was a big let down in the power department. But I'd heard about these free mods and next day I set to, to open it up and extract more horsepower. I removed the grey wire and the AIS. The dealer had already rejetted it, opened up the airbox and remove the baffle in the exhaust, I checked the throttle opening and it looked O.K, no need to cut down the throttle stop screw. I took it for another ride. That's more like it. Still not the same brute power of the CRF, instead it is a very consistent strong accelerating type of power with plenty of low down torque. I noticed it was far easier to turn, even tho it doesn't have as good a lock as the CRF. I had to wait another week before I could get it out and break it in. Before I went out to the beach I changed the oil for a non synthetic oil. On the beach and did 4 x 2km runs at 50% throttle, then 2 x 2km runs at 75% throttle and lastly 4 x 2km runs a full throttle. It'll do 150km/h full noise. Back to the car to change the oil to a synthetic and replace the oil filter, breakin complete. The first real ride in the forest just off the beach left me with arm pump, so we stopped for 10 minutes to recover. The next section of the forest was possibly the best and fastest riding I have ever done. The bike turns and tracks so well, it floats over roots and trail debris like it wasn't even there. Next we found some steep sand dunes and we were spinning the bikes around up the top of the sand dunes. The other guys couldn't believe how this bike could turn so sharp. It feels so controllable compared to the CRF and there is plenty of power to get up the dunes. I had to leave early so headed by along the beach to the car once again testing the top speed. After my early reservations about the bike I am now convinced it has been a good purchase. Next ride is in a couple of days with the crew, its a public holiday. One of the other guys has brought one of these bikes also.
  2. Hi MED Thanks for that. I'll probably sell the one I have and buy one for the WR.
  3. hi there I currently have a rekluse on my 02 CRF450 and would like to put it on my new 07 WR450. Does anyone know if this will fit. I have emailed Rekluse a couple of times with no reply.
  4. MarkCRF

    wr450 backfire on decelaration

    A cracked header pipe, these can sometimes be hard to see, you will have to take it off to inspect. Even if it has a small crack, don't ride the bike as it will crack more and become irrepairable. Trust me, I know.
  5. MarkCRF

    First ride with Rekluse, WOW!!!

    I had my first ride with a Rekluse on the weekend. I have only been riding for the last 5 months (CRF450) after a 18 year layoff from owning a bike. I have hooked up with a group of good riders and I would always be the tail end Charlie. NOT ANY MORE !!!. We went on a ride that combined fast single and slow technical track, steep uphills and downhills. This clutch eliminated all signs of stalling and engine labouring, my main riding faults. (except on one steep downhill when I locked up the rear and the idle wasn't quite right). Left hand arm pump has disappeared. I cannot believe the difference this has made to my riding. Look out guys I'm a contender for the leader of the pack.