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  1. VFRider

    Anyone from NC?

    Wilmington here....
  2. VFRider

    Wheelies revisited...

    To those who can get into 4th & 5th gears. Maybe in time........I've been practicing every time I take the bike out of the garage! In desolate areas of course (usually industrial parks or back roads).
  3. VFRider

    Yoshi TEC Inserts - Machinist Question

    The Staintune exhaust on my VFR has various diameter inserts or " spuds " that I change around often. I'd also be interested in the same for my Yosh, since the " potato" (as some call it) is way too restrictive and makes my bike sound like it's popping popcorn.................I already hacked off the screen trying to make it better sounding. I'd be interested in 2 different sizes if anyone ends up making these. My question........Do we want billet aluminum or fabricated pipe w/a welded flange? I'd opt for the cheapest of the two.
  4. Love the design of the DRC Edge, many thanks to Forest Green at Wheeling Cycle Supply - Notified me of a reduction in Freight Charges from their web-site estimate. - Shipped real quick (2-Days) - He even pre-installed the blinker stay's I ordered! Took about 40 minutes to install, and I was taking my time for sure. Took off a hunk of Suzook Plastic probably mandated by DOT Safety Nazis. I'm fine with look of the stock indicators.
  5. VFRider

    Australian 05 SM questions

    Gotta love the Staintune exhaust. I've got one on my 1996VFR...best slip-on design out there and no big ugly logos! Be sure to post pics of your DRZ when finished!
  6. VFRider

    I wheelied in front of a cop yesterday... oops.

    Cool cops in MI.....Lucky for you!
  7. VFRider

    Fun with the boys

    Great to see them wearing all the right GEAR too!
  8. VFRider

    Fun with the boys

    Great pics, I'm going riding with my son on Sunday, can't wait. They grow up fast........Enjoy it while you can!
  9. VFRider

    Just picked up 06 s,engine noise?

    Just get a Yosh RS-3 installed and uncork it.....you won't hear no little rattles
  10. VFRider

    So talk me out of it...

    Around here we call 4 Wheelers --> Redneck Bikes.......What is the last thing a stupid Redneck riding w/o a Helmet or any gear says?............" Watch this! " Classic Redneck Crash They don't have any riding skills so they need 4 wheels (2 for drive + 2-training wheels).
  11. VFRider

    Anyone know what tire this is?

    If they are true to form...it should be a Dunlop (Sticker on rear fender)
  12. VFRider

    What Is It With These Damn Motards!?

    I get the wheelie requests all the time, especially when I ride thru the rough(ethnic) section downtown. I love being a hooligan on my SM................... With Black bike, Black jacket and Dark shield no-one knows I'm just a mild mannered 41 yr. old salesman!
  13. VFRider

    How I tamed my Yosh

    My VFR has a Staintune Highmount exhaust and i came with a removable "Spud" much like the Yosh. they had different sizes avail and I'm thinking of trying to use the same idea on the DRZ. I personally do not like the RS-3 spark arrestor design & i think it sounds whimpy and stifled. The bike loses the deep 4 stroke BOOM - BOOM which I really like. WFO with the Yosh is just a bit too loud, but I like the sound everywhere else in the rev range.