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  1. husky boy 360

    Oil change ?

    Was reading up on changing the oil... They talk about a transfer hole that lets the oil go from one side to the other. If this is the case, would it not be better to run the same oil on both sides.. And they say to just to use a measuring cup (ratio - rite) and add 590 cc to the transmission after draining... How much would you add to the clutch side, or do you add to it till it comes out the hole then add to the tranny side.. Thanks
  2. husky boy 360

    Fun as He!!

    We hill climb at Elderton, Pa. Its about 45 min. east of Pittsburg..
  3. husky boy 360

    Fun as He!!

    Picked up a 02 450, Never rode or had one before... What a blast, I love to Hill climb, I'm 41 and going strong till the next day little sore... Anyway fells like I'm cheating, so much power, so much fun.. KIcking lots of butt... Anyhow just had to say I love it.... So glad I bought it..
  4. husky boy 360

    Just bought a 02 450, what kind of oil's work best..

    is that 15/50 syn. oil
  5. Just got a 02 450 on Sunday, I was reading about the oil changes. What kind of oil for the motor side, and the clutch...
  6. I going to pick The bike up on April 22.. Never rode or owned one. Just going to trail and Hill climb with her... I had a 99 yz 400 Did not like It at all.. Guys I talk to say the power is very nice on the honda, kinda like the KTM Just little More.. I have rode KTM 400, 525. 400 was nice needed more power, 525 was very nice.. But the problem is no dealers around.. Anyway would like to know about air box remember something about that Valves, or anything else that could help the bike to last longer.. Thanks
  7. husky boy 360

    How heavy is a 2001 xr 650

    Thanks For the info.. I'm 6'2" 265, So we should get along just fine.. I had a 87 600 I think it was a 87, Had 2 carbs. Liked the bike but could not get rid of the hic ups. Drove me Nuts...
  8. husky boy 360

    How heavy is a 2001 xr 650

    I might go look at one just wondering how much do they weight..
  9. husky boy 360

    How does a 2001 te 400 run...

    It is a sad day, Last night I sold my 2000 wr 360.. What a nice bike, the only reason I sold was because My friends boy also loved my bike. and I felt it would be easier for me to find something else.. So I have rode 2002 KTM 400, 99 YZ 400, 2001 yz 426, 2003 KTM 525 How would a 2001 TE 400 Compare...
  10. husky boy 360

    Any truth to 450 head problems

    I ride only in the woods.. Looking at a 2002 crf 450, I have a few people telling me to stay away from the honda, they are telling me they have a lot of problems with the heads.. Any truth I have riden the 426, hits to hard and stalls to easy for the way I ride
  11. husky boy 360

    handle bar bends

    I have a wr 360, it has tag 2 bars, the bend is all wrong for me. I need a high bend. I'm 6" 2 What bend would give me more room for standing..