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    Carb Flooding - The Battle of the Bulge

    Ok, it still didn't run after grinding down the bulge. I even went back and reset the float level a couple of mm lower, and that didn't help, either. I could start it, and then it would run for a minute and die, and I couldn't restart it for awhile again. But I read the "bike dies after 0.2 miles" thread here, and checked my oil. Definitely looked thin. And I drained a whole gallon of mostly gas from the oil tank and crankcase. *Now* it runs! Thanks again!
  2. vanzuyle

    Carb Flooding - The Battle of the Bulge

    I'll be damned. I've had my carb apart 5 or 6 times, trying to figure out why it flooded. I've replaced both the peacock and the needle valve/seat. I read this post, pulled off the float bowl, and mine looks identical to Papa Wheelie's pic in this post. It's pretty rough, too, when I run my finger along it. The float has a lip on it that looks like it would catch right there. But I never would have figured this out on my my own. I've had this problem before, especially when it is hot. Once I was stranded several miles from a road when it wouldn't start. I knew it had to be extra gas in the float bowl, but I just couldn't figure it out. Brilliant. Thanks a million. And more thanks to come when I'm riding again!