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  1. You realy need to base your tires on your terrain. I live in Portland Oregon, and your terrain is simular to ours. Red clay mud, in winter, and rock hard read clay in summer! Dont forget to throw in shale rock and bassalt! You realy need two tires for the North Woods. One for mud/sand, and one for hard surface.
  2. You can get parts online at - http://www.powersportspro.com They have your shim, I just checked for you!
  3. Thank you! Your a great help!
  4. I am wanting to check the valves on a 07 300 klx, what are the numbers for exh and int?
  5. This moter has never been run hard or raced, in fact the whole bike is like new as it has been riden so little. My son in law whom is more familuar with the bike, says thier is not enof time on the bike to warrent messing with the valves. A good cleaning of the carb and rebuild, is more what I have in mind. What I was realy looking for was updated jet sizes. I had heard thier was some changes to make the thing easyier to start, and run better?
  6. Can someone tell me what are the best jets to use on a stock 300klx running at sea level to 300'.
  7. Would you like to sell your Keilin 34? I live in Beaverton Oregon. davidakin@comcast.net. or phone 503-641-4334
  8. I am interested in the carb if he's going to part it out! Please email davidakin@comcast.net
  9. I am looking for a carb for the 300klx. Please email davidakin@comcast.net if you have one.
  10. I have an older 300 that is in need of some help. This bike has been hard to start scince we got it over two years ago, floods way easy, and fowls plugs. Close exam of the float needle show's nothing wrong? Level -ok. What gives? We do most of our riding at 1000-3000 feet. Any help with updated jetting or new carb sug estions welcomed.