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  1. tlcruzr

    Help with Boots!

    Personally, my first choice would be the standard C.G. issued "low-quarters". Great traction for the slippery mud up at Kahuku! My second choice would be to go out and get an extra-wide pair of "slippahs"....
  2. tlcruzr

    Look at me I'm BRONZE!

    Mr. Batman, Yep, I'm still in, also at the Sector. Shoot me your phone extension and I'll give you a call this week.
  3. tlcruzr

    Look at me I'm BRONZE!

    Hey PolarIce, which icebreaker were you on? I was on the Polar Sea from '99 to '02. Currently out here in Hawaii now..... Congrats on your "olympic" medal!
  4. tlcruzr

    Where to buy a jet kit?

    Okay folks, I need some more help! First off, where can I buy a jet kit (online) to complete the "Gordon Mods" on my '03 XR 400. I need the needle, the main, and the pilot jets. Also, which manual is the most used out there for general maintenance on the XR 400? Specifically, one that will have a good breakdown of the carb. And finally, I've been reading through the forum and came across the acronym "cdi". What does "cdi" stand for? Sorry for all the questions. I appreciate the help, Newbie.
  5. Okay, I'm thinking about buying a used '03 XR 400. However, when I went to test drive the motorcycle, I noticed that the bike would "stutter" when I rolled on the throttle. In other words, if I was driving along at around 35mph and then opened the throttle quickly the bike would hesitate for a split second before taking off. Is this just a jetting problem, or something more serious? If it is a jetting problem, which jet would I need to look at, the main, pilot, needle, etc? This will be my first off-road motorcycle, so I'm kinda new to this stuff....... Thanks in advance for any help!