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  1. KAMMP

    flywheel weight

    Curious what the popular opinion is regarding a heavier flywheel or mx. I have an 06 450 and only ride mx. I know everybody loves them for woods riding but would really like to hear what people who ride mx have to say about a heavier flywheel. thanks
  2. KAMMP

    250x engine serial number

    i think i have it figured out. if i ask nicely would someone with an 07 model please give me the first two digits of their engine seral number? the number can be found on the case by the shift lever. thanks for your help
  3. KAMMP

    250x engine serial number

    is there any way to determine the year model based on the engine serial number? i purchased a 250x motor for a kart and was told it was an 05 model. the engine number is 5300789 thanks
  4. Okay, thanks for your help. Wow, I sure don't get the warm fuzzies from your responses or is this just how you reply to newbies to break them in. I can read, I just thought I would get an "expert" opinion.
  5. Well, the instructions call for the blue needle, 5th clip, however the note recommends the red needle maybe desirable for hot and humid conditions. Thanks for your help.
  6. I have a big weekend planned for riding and need to get my jetting straightened out. Here is the deal... just received my jd jet kit. I have a stock 2005 yz250f. I live in Houston TX, basically I am at sea level and humid. as per instructions 185 main jet, I'm confused as to what needle and clip position. can you point me in the right direction?