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  1. Any chance you have any jetting info for the 04 te510?
  2. Has anyone tried the edelbrock pumper carb on the 510
  3. the problem is not with the bikes, its the lawyers & politicians . the bikes come with all necessary DOT parts . might still be able to register i dont know
  4. according to dealer, customs will open every crate & take out every street legal component before shipping
  5. o.k. the point of the auto retract stand IMO is for dead engine starts . this is a serious race machine right? during the pn seirese here in B.C. they start us behind , in front of or away from the bike. sometimes sitting on the bike backwards. its nice to not think about the side stand. The mounting plate bolts can loosen putting more leverage on the side stand causing the mounting plate to bend, which allowes the sidestand to rub the swingarm. to fix this loctite then tighten the bolts that mount the plate to the bike ,if the plate is already bent you can bend it back using the sidestand i have drilled & tapped the frame on my 510 to 8mm from 7mm. 7mm bolts were hard to find & the8mm should be less likely to bend.
  6. Kenda has some new dot knobby's out now . why dont u try them so we kndw if there any good .
  7. my dealer in kamloops said they wont be legal this year & hassels with customs will delay delivery to dealers
  8. I did this swap a week ago, sorry no photos. the mounting points on the swing arm are the same as the moto style chain guide , just use the first set of holes , towards motor . I got mine from my friendly neighborhood husky dealer, just walked in & he took it off a bike on the floor.
  9. set when hot, then leave. use choke only when completely cold. worked good for me . Any chance there are any pictures of your 570 float'n round here ?
  10. 31 , 00 te610, 04 te510-best year of the best bike ever made!
  11. thanks
  12. Has anyone ever completely sorted the 04 te510's jetting issues with mikuni carb . I have searched high & low with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. I had a 2000 te610 . to get it to start when hot you had to adjust (lean) the fuel screw. set it when the bike is HOT! not warm.
  14. If you want your husky too feel smaller & lighter change the seat & tank for the 04 models.