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  1. jimknobby

    Camp Erie: Taneum

    There was a sign on it. That's where I got camp Erie. There was a date, it looked like 1990 but the cabin looked or seemed older.
  2. jimknobby

    Camp Erie: Taneum

    Its about 100yds past horse ford (I think that's the trail jct) to the left. On the way to Taneum shelter. When the trail opens up its right there in the trees. You will probably have to walk in to see it.
  3. jimknobby

    Camp Erie: Taneum

    Does anyone know anything about camp Erie? I came across this cabin on the Fish hook flats trail. I know there are other cabins out there, I have never seen this one before.
  4. jimknobby

    XR 70 Rings

    I am replacing the rings in an 02 XR 70. I didn't check the rings when I took them out so when I got the new rings I noticed that the compression rings are stamped r and RN. I think the r is tapered on the inside. I was wondering, what order do they go. Thanks
  5. jimknobby

    Beverly Dunes - Are they open?

    Beverly is open, I was there last weekend. Make sure you have a Discover Pass. They are checking and enforcing.
  6. jimknobby

    Discovery Pass fund theft bill – SB5979

    I sent the letter that tod posted to my senator/representative. Here is her reply. Thank you for writing me with your thoughts regarding Senate Bill 5979, ensuring that the trust beneficiaries receive their proportionate distribution of moneys received from the sale of discover passes. This bill is in the senate and you are the first to bring this issue to my attention so I am glad you shared your concerns. I have opposed the Discover pass from its creation; in large part because I knew it wouldn't be long before the money gets moved toward other projects. By all accounts it has been a colossal failure. According to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, revenues from the Discover Pass are 59 percent below what they were forecast to bring in. The number of visitors to our parks has plummeted and they are having difficulty enforcing it. This has been a bad idea from the start. There is a better way. We need to reprioritize funding with the recognition that --like schools, roads and prisons --- parks are an essential government function. Parks have been operated for 100 years without having to limit access to only those who can afford to purchase a pass. Our park system survived the great depression; surely they can survive the great recession without adding cumbersome fees. I am an avid outdoorsman myself. I enjoy camping, horseback riding, snowmobiling and my husband is an enthusiastic hunter. I understand your position and am glad to do my part to ensure the public has as much free and open access to public lands as possible.
  7. jimknobby

    Mattawa PR -Snow on I-90?

    Six sets of chains? How big is your toyhauler?
  8. jimknobby

    Dirty Poker Run - March 20-21, 2010

    I think the course has been about 17 miles (for loop).
  9. jimknobby

    YZ 85 or KX 100

    He is 4'11". My thoughts were that the 100 would have more bottom end, easier for the trails but, I don't know 85s at all. Is the 100 taller? Thanks
  10. jimknobby

    YZ 85 or KX 100

    I am planning on buying a bike for my son. He is moving up from a 65. I was wondering which bike would be better for him. We ride trails and desert. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  11. jimknobby

    Mattawa Conditions?

    I had to go through my bag to make sure one of the kids didn't leave mine on the ground.
  12. jimknobby

    Seattle SX pit pass

    Circle K had the info on the empty Monster can. Recycle and empty Monster and get in free.
  13. jimknobby

    Northwest Oscars

    I was thinking. Every year Hollywood honors its elite with the oscars. How about us Thumpers giving some love to the ones that keep us on the trail and track. Best Parts Person: Fred Taft (He can cross reference a PW 50 main bearing to a CR 250 front wheel bearing without a compter telling him it doesn't work) Best Dealership: Webb Powersports ( great guys/gal)
  14. jimknobby

    going riding at mattawa/saddle mountain

    See Ya there.
  15. jimknobby

    big bore 2 stroke for the N.W.

    My buddies drag raced a CR 500 (98) and a KTM 300 exc (96) at Beverly. The KTM won 2 of 3. My buddy on the 300 said he felt bad for beating him so he let up on the 3rd race.