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    Got to have protection
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    DESCRIPTION Trail Tech offers world-class products and affordable value. As a powersport manufacturer, they commit to providing the best quality, competitive prices, short lead times and personal customer service. Trail Tech will continue to invent and develop improved, quality products for the benefit of the powersport community. FEATURES Dashboards are CNC-machined bar clamps that house and protect the Vapor / Vector Computer and provide an optimum viewing position. Mounts directly to the stock steering stem. Most Dashboards feature provisions for key switch and/or indicator lights. Some ATV dashboards also feature a brushed stainless steel logo plate (model dependent). Stainless steel hardware is included. Available for both standard 7/8" and oversize 1-1/8" handlebars.
  2. Bigdog54

    Trail Tech Protector and Dashboard Kit

    gotta have protection
  3. Bigdog54

    ProTaper Full Waffle Grips

  4. Bigdog54

    Excel Wheel Spoke Set

    front and rear with nipples
  5. Bigdog54

    Excel Takasgo Rim

    Looks nice
  6. Bigdog54

    MSR Forkskins

  7. Bigdog54

    Trail Tech Billet Protector Top Mount

    for the Voyager
  8. Bigdog54

    Trail Tech Voyager GPS Kit

    works as advertised
  9. Bigdog54

    Acerbis CE / DOT Certified DHH Headlight

  10. Bigdog54

    Highway Dirtbikes Highway Dirt Bike NexGen Hand Guards

    with mirrors
  11. Bigdog54

    BRP Billet Triple Clamps

    good quality
  12. Bigdog54

    ProTaper EVO Handlebar

    CR High bend
  13. Bigdog54

    Honda XR400R 2001

    Great bike for the woods. Low tech, no fuss