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  1. ken510

    old new guy with new old bike...

    Excellent bike! I've been on my '04 TE 510 since '05 and that bike has never let me down! I would imagine the 450 will do you the same. Have fun!
  2. ken510

    '05 TE450 - Good thing?

    If the bike has been well maintained and you can get it for the right price, it'll be a great buy. I have been riding an '04 TE 510 for the last seven years and that bike has never let me down! Basically the same motor on the bottom, but the '05 will have an updated head and valves as well.
  3. ken510

    04 tc 450 help!!!

    Right above the stator, there is a black relay, (not sure if it's a relay but it's a black plastic thing where some wires run through). Check that thing out. My friend has an '07 TE 510 that would start fine, run for a while and shut down. The black "thing" was the issue. Sorry I don't know what it's called.
  4. ken510

    help please! 06 sm450 won't turn over

    I have an '04 that had a similar issue. Turned out to be a frayed wire that runs to the starter relay. When I hit the button and wiggled the wiring harness the bike would fire right up. I just cut all four wires back from the relay and spliced in some new ones. Recently my starter button had a broken wire inside the switch. Hopefully it's something simple, good luck and let us know what you find out.
  5. ken510

    Am I Screwed? Honest Opinions Wanted...

    No worries...you'll learn to love it. Just be patient and enjoy the ride.
  6. ken510

    Husqvarna Oil Particles HELP

    The aluminum looking material could be from your clutch hub as well.
  7. ken510

    High miles for an 07 TE510

    I am fortunate to have a great mechanic and parts dealer nearby. Just be patient and you should be able to find what you're looking for. If I had it to do over again, I would not have bought a 510. It's just a lot of bike for the trails I ride, but I make it work. My next bike will be a 250 or 300 two stroke. Good luck in your search.
  8. ken510

    High miles for an 07 TE510

    I have an '04 510 and had it rebuilt for about $800, (parts and labor), piston, rings, rod, rod bearing and main bearings. That was three years ago and it was money well spent. I have owned the bike since 2005 and abuse it on a regular basis. Other than the connecting rod bearing, I have had no major problems with this bike. After seven years I still am amazed at how well it runs and moves through the woods.
  9. ken510

    Buying a Husqvarna te450/510 06-08

    I have been riding a TE 510 since '05 and all I ride is tight, nasty, rutted, rocky, root infested trails of the Pacific North West. The 510 is a bit of a handful, but it flows through the woods well and the instant power and torque has me a bit spoiled. I have three friends who are on 510's as well and we all love these machines. (No major problems after many miles of abuse). Put an auto clutch in and it gets better! Either bike you will be pleased with. The 510 is a stroker motor so the piston size is the same as a 450. Good luck!
  10. ken510

    Who has the cheapest battery?

    Best price I've found is Rockymountainmc. I have always used Yuasa batteries. Not inexpensive, but lasts a few years and always cranks that motor over.
  11. ken510

    Can't find husky bits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are several places here in the U.S. You might try Tasky's or Halls. Don't discount the old 410. The year before last, a friend of mine took his TE 410 to Baja, he does not maintain it, just puts gas in and rides mind you, and that bike took a beating and made it through with no problems at all! Good luck in your search.
  12. ken510

    Vapor install help for TE250

    I hooked it up to the coil and the RPM was very inconsistent. I then wrapped the wire 4 times around the plug wire, used some electrical tape to anchor it down and instant RPM!
  13. ken510

    Tire upgrade

    I like the Bridgestones, 404 I think, and also a Michelin trials for the rear will do wonders for traction. Rocky Mountain atvmc is a good online source.
  14. ken510

    Why is everyone selling their Husky

    I have been riding my '04 510 since '05. At the beginning of each season I think, "I should sell this thing and get something newer". And after that first ride of the season I think," What was I thinking!". That old bike has treated me very well over the years, so look for a Husky in good shape and pull the trigger. (Parts have never been hard to get by the way).