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  1. Whitesux

    YFZ450 burning lean

    How about my pipe running hot, is that normal b/c the machine has never run better.
  2. Whitesux

    YFZ450 burning lean

    Yes. It was a mixed fuel
  3. My yfz 450 is now running a little hotter than normal and I have a gray film on end of exhaust. What would be a possible cause? I only have an after market exhaust GYTR slip on only and air filter. The only thing I could think is the weather change b/c its now spring. Any suggestions b/c I will shortly take out the plug to double check it.
  4. I put a GYTR slip on exhaust and changed jets on my 2005 yfz450. It had some backfire earlier so I adjusted the f/a mixture and it runs great, but now my pipe is noticable hotter and there is a gray dust/film on the end of my pipe. The weather has changed from cold to spring since I made the first adjustment. I have used a high octance fuel mixed with premium fuel, could this be the reason or Is it the f/a mixture. Do I need to adjust my main jet? I will take off my plug to double check. The quad runs great but I don't wont to blow the motor, what should I do or what do you believe is happening?
  5. I ride on sand MX tracks and I can use any advise you got. Like, Whats the best way to hit a jump and take a tight corner without spinning out. I understand the shifting of my weight in corners and squaring up for a jump. How do I take a corner to maximize my track speed? How do I use my clutch more effectively to get out of a corner like a bat outta hell?
  6. So that is perfectly normal b/c I live in Illinois and its a low elevatioin, but I wanted to make sure its running fine. P.S. what and where is the sticky at the top of the page. I am newbie.
  7. I took of my spark plug and seen that it is running a little lean. Can you specifically tell my how to adjust the jetting or what might be the problem. Will running a higher octance gas help at all? When I get on the gas and go through the gears and slow it down, I get back fire. The plug was in good shape just running a little lean. The temperatue when I was driving was around 40-45 degrees F. Is it the temperature of do I need to rejet. I have never done this before. I am going to buy the yamaha service manual today, but I am not sure it is even in the book. Expert advice needed.
  8. Whitesux

    Setting sag on 2005 YFZ 450 for 215lb rider

    Thanks guys I have learned so much from this forum, I have learned more by this website than any other site or manual out there. Thanks to all who have replied to my question.
  9. I just bought a 2005 yfz 450 and I weigh about 6'3" 215lbs, I do general trail, track riding. I don't want to comprimise my turning b/c I do ride around a tight track with some big air jumps.