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  1. Thanks everybody
  2. WHAt do I need to make my 150 street legal and what licenses and insurance and stuff?
  3. You mean spark arestor? Most Cycle parks make you have one to ride there.
  4. I have a pair of Pro Tapers because of the price, I think that they are pretty even in quality. I guess it's just what you prefer and can afford, go to the shop and pick out a pair of bars that you like and feel good to you. At my local shop the man that owns it will let you return the bars after you put them on, ad long as you don't scratch them and keep all the stickers and stuff.
  5. Just wondering who has a CRF70 and what they have done with it.
  6. The better rider will win.
  7. My friend is looking to get a bike. We don't go to mimi tracks. don't even know where one is. He really likes pitbikes, and is not sure whether to get a pitbike. even though he will not be racing, or a big bike.
  8. It's because ther is alot of dust when you ride and in a streetbike helmet , the dust doesn't circulate out of the helmet. it just stays in there.
  9. I was just wondering if anybody has a Triumph Modern Classic and how do you like it?
  10. It's a joke.
  11. Witch tires should I get for my 150. I do hard and spoft dirt, barley any mud or sand.
  12. Motorcycles would get away!
  13. I think that you would blame yourself for you sons injury but, I think that your son would understand the risks of riding because you told him them. He would still ride knowing the risks and being a kid he probably thinks that it's always the other guy that gets hurt and never you. He is wrong and gets hurt. He's pretty unlucky but it was his choice. I just think that he wouldn't balme you and he would tell you it wasn't your fault. It took me like 7 years(since I was 7) ti get me my first bike and I just got it thins year. I ride and I will race. For the adrenaline rush and stuff. I won't blame my dad if I get hurt. It was all me. He never originally wanted me to ride. I guess if you convinced you son that would be a different story. I think what I said mad a litle bit of sense but I'm tired so, forgive me?