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  1. jonmcevoy

    426 right for me???

    I have an 03 crf450r and an 00 yz426f. I just sold the 03 crf because I like the 00 yz so much better. My dad has an 05 crf450x and I still like the 426 better. I am planning on getting an 06', so I'll sell you the 426 for $2000. It is a very clean, well kept bike. The title is clear and the tranny was just rebuilt.
  2. jonmcevoy

    2000 yz426 good price?

    I have a 2000 YZ426f just sitting. It lost 3rd gear, common for that year, so I just had the tranny rebuilt. Since the case was split and the engine was pulled I had the mechanic go through the engine to check the valves, piston, and rings. Everything looked great so he just replaced all the gaskets. The bike is pretty stock. It has an FMF Q-series exhaust, revalved suspension by RaceTech, Renthal Fatbar, and an Applied triple-clamp (upper only). The bike is very clean. The title is clear. I'm in San Diego, but if you want it I'll let it go for $2000. It will help me clean out my garage. I'm moving down to a 250f. email me at: jonmcevoy@hotmail.com
  3. jonmcevoy

    play in the rear wheel

    I just got done replacing the rear wheel bearings. The manuel said there would be some axial play in the wheel. There has to be a 3/8 in of play from left to right. The sprocket is hitting the weld on the swing arm. Any thoughts, or is this normal? Thanks.