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    gas leak, gas in oil, won't run-tried everything

    2 questions? Which side of the diaphram should the spring be? (he took a old spring and cut it and stuck it in the diaphram) Should there be a gasket between the petcock & the frame? (gas is leaking around the petcock where they sanded the paint off when putting the peckoct back on the paint.)
  2. hulsenator

    gas leak, gas in oil, won't run-tried everything

    OK, Heres the deal... apparently the gravity flow allowed gas to flow into the crank case. This I figured out. The oil not coming out when I took out the plug was solved last night when I read the DRZ-info page . I didn't know about the oil in the frame. This bike was a recent purchase and I obviously haven't done my homework on it yet. Thanks for your help!!! I learned everything I needed to push me in the right direction. Today I found the other drain plug, got oil corrected, changed my plug and fired her off. Problem solved. My puzzle lies in what caused the petcock to go into gravity mode? How do I get it back to normal or prevent it from re-occurring? Today I could not spot any gas coming out of the overflow or smell it on the dip stick. Thanks again for all of your help, Hulsenator
  3. I have a 2000 DR-Z 400 and I decided to have the gas tank boiled out and coated to get rid of some surface rust. the problem is when I re-attached everything (including the vacuume line to the petcock) and tried to crank it, it smoked like crazy. started leaking gas, fowling the spark plug and after having the carb rebuilt by a pro (who also put some kind of spring in the housing of the petcock he said to open the diafram?)I still can't diagnose what happened. it still won't run. I am draining the oil now to find that it has more gas in it than oil and I found your web site when I over filled it with 2 quarts and took the plug out and no oil came out. I found the posting about the oil being in the frame. Boy this is nothing like my old XR250 or 79 RM 125. any advice to a new DRZ owner???