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  1. unizim

    01 cr250 jetting advice

    "what honda didnt tell you about the 2001 cr250" where can i find that? thanks
  2. unizim

    01 cr250 jetting advice

    same bike sst pipe, turbine silencer, v-force reeds.fmf jetting specs ran great at home, at the dunes booged out when cresting hills.still trying to figure it out
  3. unizim

    Fly Wheel Weight for the 450 x

    Just Wondering What Exactly The Pink Wire Mod Did For Ya? Thanks. X-owner
  4. unizim

    Crfx or Wr need help

    I Love My X. I Put About 400.00 Into It And Now It Really Rips. Can't Go Wrong With A Honda. You Get What You Pay For!!!!!!!!!!