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  1. mgpoma

    2013 350 XC-F -No kickstarter?

    You might want to change the stock battery to one of the new lithium iron type. Yes they are lighter but you can also get them with more cranking amps and higher amp hour ratings. I changed mine and enjoy both the weight savings (2+lbs) and the faster turning motor.
  2. mgpoma

    350 XC-F Gearing

    Stock is 13/50. I have been running 13/51 for the D37 GP series. It makes the bike quick but you seem to have to shift a lot. I am trying 13/50 tomorrow to see if I like the feel before the 1st race this next weekend. If it seems too tall I will stick with the 13/51. The 6 speed box gives plenty of top end, 1st just seems too low. I really want to see how the 50 out back affects the split between 2nd and 3rd and 4th, that is where it runs most of the time. Also, want to see if it looses a little of the compression braking which is real strong with the 51.
  3. mgpoma

    01 XR100 Erratic idle?

    Thanks for the reply Old School Al I adjusted the valves. Intake was tight, exhaust was right on. The bike has new bars, new throttle tube, cable ok and lubed and free play adjusted. I can hear the slide snap closed. Idle still wants to wander. I checked for air leaks. Intake boot is good. Seal in cap is good, grommet on idle adjust is good, new o-ring on fuel screw (or air) not sure which. I have heard that if the baffle on the exhaust is removed you need to change the main or the needle setting. Is this true? What position should the clip be set at? Bike runs strong otherwise, just won't idle properly. And let me clarify, it idles fast for awhile and then eventually will slow down. Thanks for any help I can get.
  4. mgpoma

    01 XR100 Erratic idle?

    I am having the same issue with an 03 xr100. Mine has had the exhaust modified and I am wondering if that could be part of or the problem. All jetting and needle settings are the stock. I cleaned and replaced the jets and mixture screw but idle is erratic. Anyone have experience with modifying the exhaust on this bike. I would actually prefer the stock pipe back intact.
  5. mgpoma

    Ktm 350sxf recall question

    It is the main shaft bearing in the trans. I had mine done at about 30 hours and went on to put another 100 on it with no problems.
  6. mgpoma

    51 or 52 rear sprocket?

    I have the same bike and run local tracks and race a Gran Prix series. I tried the 52 and it does allow you to use 3rd but it sure takes away from the top end. I settle in on the 51 and it has been about right for what I do.
  7. mgpoma

    Rekluse or FMF

    I just installed the Core EXP on my 350XCF and raced a GP this weekend with it. Amazing!!! Do the Rekluse you can't lose.
  8. mgpoma

    Oil change

    I find that 10 hours is about right unless I am racing the bike. Then I change prior to the race and maybe shorten the cycle a few hours depending on conditions. Any of the name brand motorcycle oils seem to work well. As for coolant, I do mine annually. I run engine ice. I also flush the brake fluid annually. Don't forget to service the suspension about every 40 hours. Oil does get dirty and change out any worn parts. To some this may seem a lot but over the years I have found that it is cheaper than replacement hard parts.
  9. Bought a 2012 350XCF last week. Will primarily use it for District 37 Grand Prix races and prep. So a cross of MX, enduro and desert. I have the EXCF and the SXF version of the 350 also. I am keeping the full Yosh system from my SXF and put it on the XCF. Other upgrades will be, GPR v4 submount stabilizer, Enduro Engineering rear brake guard and seat, fuel sock, golan filter, Cyrca hand guards, and KTM quick release skid plate (not the best protection but light and easy to work with). I rode the bike for a quick break in run last Friday and Sat. Friday was totally stock. Gearing is pretty tall at 13/50. Not very forgiving on an MX track with that gearing. On SAT I had the Yosh pipe and a 52 rear sprocket. That worked great on an MX track but probably a little low for some of the GP's that we run. Today I purchased a 51 tooth rear sprocket to try. Suspension is at Factory Connection for some work although I was pretty impressed with ride I was able to achieve with the stock setup. I will also be doing: HD tubes front and rear Windham bend usually suits me real well so will try those I ordered the FMF snap to test. Dirt rider and Best Dual Sports seem to think it has some impact on low end. We will see. Dirt Digits numbers will be here this week. Less than 3 weeks until the next race so need to get it together and get some hours on it!
  10. I had Factory Connection work over both my 350SXF and 350 XCW suspension. What a huge difference on both. Took me a couple of tries on the XCW fork to get it where I wanted it but now I feel like I can ride over anything with it. I race the XCW in the D37 GP series and it has worked really well. The SXF is for playtime at the track. On both bikes FC did a lot of mods to the rear shock and it is noticeable.
  11. Almost makes sense to buy it in TN and ship it to Socal. Got to love the United Socialist Republic of California. At least we have great weather!
  12. For a 2013? Socal pricing from a couple of dealers. 2012 - $7950 2013 - $9250
  13. mgpoma

    2012 KTM 350xcf-w

    Should get mine this weekend and will let you know how it works on the 350 EXCF. Have about 4 hours on the bike and am experiencing poor idle and flame outs when hot. I also have installed the fan and changed to engine ice. Same things that I did for my 2009 XCW.
  14. Now that it is monday I emailed Kenda customer service and found out that the Parker DT is a directional tire. Mounted one way it is best suited for hard pack, the other way for intermediate terrian. Checked the bike today and I mounted the back for intermediate and the front for hard. I am ok with that at this point, if anything I would rotate the front for intermediate to match the back. If it were the back I am not sure that I would be jumping to remount. 6ply tire, very hard to work with.
  15. Just purchased and mounted these front and rear. Will be trying them in the Socal desert over the next couple of months. My questions is this: Are these tires directional? After mounting I noticed that there is what appears to be a hard/intermediate label on the sidewall with what looks to be arrows. Almost seems to indicate that if they are mounted one way they are for hard terrain and the other for intermediate. The tire tread pattern also looks to be directional. I could not find any information on this on the Kenda website and the info that came with the tires did not say anything about it either. Anyone have any insight here?