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  1. Based on GPS and accurate calculations, I got 20.5 miles per gallon, riding all whoops and sand washes, on a stock '09. I would imagine that nothing would burn more gas than that type of riding, except full-throttle roads. BTW, I rode at a fast-Amateur-desert pace.
  2. I don't know, but by the way it sputters, I'm 90% sure it's rich in the first 1/4 throttle. It runs great everywhere else. I had a moto-pro ride it, and he said it is rich, and that just a turn on the fuel screw would cure it. What do you think?
  3. It would be sooooo helpful if one of you jetting pros could answer this question. I just bought an 09 yz450f. I live at 6000 ft. Stock jetting is 160mj, 45pj, and clip in the third position. It runs really strong, does not backfire, but when I twist the throttle quickly from 1/4 to 3/4 throttle, it stumbles. I'm guessing its getting too much fuel. What is a ballpark jetting-arraingement for my altitude? The bike is totally stock. The only addition I might make is a Q-muffler. PLEASE HELP ME, I just came off a 2stroke
  4. Is it worth taking the baffle out of the exhuast on my boy's 110? Will I only gain noise and not power?
  5. I have a totally stock 110 that my boy rides. On his crf50, he could easily start it in gear. Due to the clutch adjustment on the 110, it has to be in neutral to start it. Is this normal for the 110s? Can it be adjusted so the clutch engages at a little higher RPM? Would that mess up the friendly power characteristic?
  6. I've only raced desert. Now my son is saying he wants to race moto. He just turned 6 and I replaced his crf50 with a klx110. I chose this bike because of seat height and power character. Anyway....are there any moto classes he would be eligible for? Which ones?
  7. Hey, My friend called me today about buying his '07 250 sx for $4500. He also has an '07 450, so he hasn't ridden his 250sx much. I think he has a big tank for it too. Respond to this if you're interested. I'm in El Paso.
  8. I've done enough jet changes, and ran out of gas enough times to know that Layton is right.