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  1. Airhawk6

    rims and tires

    Warp 9 rims will work, but they will not work with the OEM speedo gear, S or SM, you would have to run a trail tech vapor for a speedometer. Wheeling cycle supply sells SM PRO wheels that will work with the OEM speedo gear so you can continue to use your original gage cluster. They also sell the SM speedo gear for 65.95. Good luck with the swap
  2. Is there a company that makes graphics that will fit the IMS 3.2 tank? You would think that someone would, with the amount that has been sold.... I would like to update my graphics as well, but would really like to have a set that included tank graphics for the IMS.
  3. Airhawk6

    Super Motard Wheels

    Yes, I am going to sell them, I just have to find replacements first
  4. Airhawk6

    Super Motard Wheels

    Thanks for the info. Mike, I'll keep looking.
  5. Airhawk6

    Super Motard Wheels

    Thanks, I have been looking around a bit, but I'm not sure what brand of rims are " good to go " and what brands to stay away from. This is my first KTM, so I'm playing catch up on the learning curve.. I also bought a 06' 525 SX at the same time from the same seller, it was basically buy one get one free deal, and I couldn't resist.
  6. I recently purchased an 08' 505 XCF, and the previous owner put 17" DNA super motard wheels on it. I want to put the original tires and wheels back on it, so here's my questions; Can someone point me in the right direction for a new set of wheels that will not break the bank. And will the wheels that I am removing from the KTM fit a DRZ 400?
  7. Airhawk6

    Lowering a crf 70 ( hopefully)

    Doops, I sent u a pm reference the shock. Thanks
  8. Airhawk6

    Lowering a crf 70 ( hopefully)

    Thats probably what I will do.....There doesnt seem to be a used oem shock from a crf 50 for sale in the North American Continent I wasnt too much worried about the handling aspect of the unequal suspension, because right now he is intimidated by the bike and is riding it very slow . As his confidence increases, I was going to put the 70 shock back on, and turn him loose. But its a moot point now because I'm going to trim the seat. Thanks everybody for all the suggestions
  9. Airhawk6

    Lowering a crf 70 ( hopefully)

    No sir, but I will...Thanks, I will let you know what I find out...
  10. Airhawk6

    Lowering a crf 70 ( hopefully)

    I was told by numerous people that it will lower the seat height a solid 2 inches. Now if I could only find a good used crf 50 rear shock It looks like I'm just going to buy a new one, so I should have it either right before Christmas, or right afterwords. As soon as I get it, I will measure it, and it, and post the results. Have a great Christmas !
  11. I just bought my son a crf 70 for Christmas, and its just a little too tall for him. I've searched the threads and it seems you can put a oem crf 50 rear shock on the crf 70 to shorten it. The question is has anyone done this mod, if so, how did it work out for you? Did the bike have any major handling issues, is it safe to ride, etc. Thanks in advance
  12. Airhawk6

    Spring rates del grande.

    Serious altitude? No, medium yes ...and it really should be stiffer because I can still bottom it out on the medium size jumps....But I still want to be able to ride in the woods, and if I go any heavier with the spring rates it will beat me to death on the trails.....These bikes are heavy, and then you put a heavy rider on them, you end up with some heavy spring rates.
  13. Airhawk6

    Spring rates del grande.

    I have an 06 s model and occasionally ride it on a motocross track. I weigh 225 (with no gear) and I'm running a 5.4 front spring, and 6.2 rear. Both the front and rear have been re valved professionally. I'm pleased with these rates, but would go a bit stiffer if your going to see a lot of air time. This is the best setup I could find for both off road and track use.
  14. Mine was tight, but once I put it together, off the bike, and twisted it back and forth, I was able to get it to work... Was it frustrating, Y E P, but it did work...eventually...and I didn't have enough room to wiggle it back and forth on the bike. I used grease just on the junction between the header and mid pipe, where they slide together...I don't know if chain lube would work....
  15. I've got the same system on my 2006 s model and had the same problems. I just couldn't get the header and mid pipe to fit completely together.So...I took some light grease, put a thin coat at the junction, and test fit them off the bike, fit like a glove. Put on bike, no fit....So I took it off the bike, slid the header and mid pipe back together, more grease, twisted parts back and forth (several times), put back on bike, worked like a champ. I hope this helps. Clint