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  1. I absolutely agree with a prior post of all the gear all the time. You ARE going to crash at some point. Good boots and knee pads are a MUST. Imagine whacking your kneecap on a rock on even a little 20 or 30 mph get off. I have a great Moose jacket and pant set. The jacket has mutiple ventilation zippers and the pants are the full zipper pullover type. In heat just wear some lightweight shorts under. When it is time to hike, pull your Tevas or tennis shoes out of your backpack.
  2. BrentKesterson

    My My son won't throw in on a YZ85, am I wrong?

    Finally. Someone mentioned EARNING money vs saving xmas GIFT money or allowance he probably gets just for breathing. And CRF100biker's dad should be really proud that it came from his kid. I was just pointing out to my wife last week that it has been many years since I have seen a neighborhood kid mowing other people's lawns....or their own for that matter. Kids today (and most adults I see) just don't have any idea what a work ethic is. Of course this sport is too expensive for a 13 year old to fund solo, but if he has a stake in it, he will appreciate it much more. This comes form a guy whose dad bought him a brand new volvo on his 16th birthday and crashed it a week later! Took me a long time to get responsible. Help your son get responsible a lot earlier than I did.
  3. BrentKesterson

    Will a 2006 seat fit on a 2008

    I know the 06 and 08 450s are the same, so I would guess the 250s are as well.
  4. I have been riding all my life (okay, 40 of my 46 years), but have never ridden a bike with a stabilizer. Had a couple of BIG tank slappers in a desert race Saturday so I am going to buy one for my 08 WR 450 soon. But which to choose? Scotts advertises that theirs has a high speed valve to absorb the big hits more, which sounds like a good idea. And they say theirs "only dampens away from center and free valves back to dead center". I'm not sure how much sense that makes. I figured you would want the assist of getting the bars back to straight. Any input is appreciated.
  5. BrentKesterson

    Spring for 05 WR 450

    I am hoping for some feedback on what rear spring to use. I have a 2005 WR 450 and the rear feels as soft as a 1975 cadilac. I sag is already on the tight side (3.75 inches) and the clickers don't seem to make tighten it up much. I want a Baja race type of setup. I weigh 185 without gear and ride pretty aggressively for a senior (43yrs). Any info would be apprecited. Brent Kesterson
  6. BrentKesterson

    Large tank for WR 2005 450

    I thought I should be getting better milage than that. I had a 98 WR 400 and I would get 120 on the same tank. But I did a Baja tour last April and 3 of us on WRs with the same tank all ran out of gas without in about a mile of each other. (2 fast guys and 1 slow guy). Where should I start looking for an issue? I bought it second hand. Could it be that he refetted wrong? The bike runs great though. Brent
  7. BrentKesterson

    Large tank for WR 2005 450

    Does anyone know of a mid sized tank for the 03 WR450? I have a 3.1 IMS on now, but I only get 80 miles on that. (I think I should be getting more than that. what are you guys getting?) I found an Acerbis 6.6 gallon tank online, but that's a bit too much. I can't find anything in between 3.1 and 6.6. Any ideas?? Brent Kesterson
  8. BrentKesterson

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    Okay, How about a real newbie question: Where do I find this wonderful gray wire? I just bought an 05 wr450 that the seller told me he had done all the "free" mods on. (he gave me a bag of smog crap and jets, so I assume he was honest) But, I was really expecting a lot more power. It's not even close to my 03 YZF 450. I also rode a buddies CRF450X, that had basically the same mods (plus he gutted the stock pipe) and it just had a lot better throttle response. I must say that I did barely win all 3 drags we ran, but it jsut doesn't snap.