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  1. aaronsQA50lives

    Pitster 160 vs. YZ85

    Ill put my wager on the yz 85...2 stroke power, yz suspension, and 100ilb rider difference..
  2. aaronsQA50lives

    51 year old wants bike

    "shriners parade"? Person asked for options..for smaller sized bikes for a shorter /heavier set adult with a bad shoulder. i already suggested crf 230/xr 250, kdx 220, kx 100, ... he asked for anymore possibilities...so let him know what is out there.. not interested in getting into a flame war... innovation is good.... I wish one of the major brands would make a full MX set up on a midsize bike with a mild thumper engine like a XR 200-250...basically like a CR 85 or CRF 150R EXPERT with a XR 200 motor.~1 foot of suspension front and rear, disc brakes, tractable/usable power, AND Lightweight.... unless he has the $$$ to get a BBR or Dave Miller Conversion there is nothing out there that would be ideal for him...
  3. aaronsQA50lives

    51 year old wants bike

    . Another option that may be worth looking at is the Pitster 230 or 250... http://www.pitsterpro.com/bike/overview/id/40 http://www.pitsterpro.com/bike/overview/id/3
  4. aaronsQA50lives

    51 year old wants bike

    If he is just tooling around and wants 4 stroke- why not a used HONDA CRF 230 or older XR 250 durable, low maintenance, available everywhere ~10inches suspension, and seat height of about 34 inches...at 5/7 he will be /close to flat footing it. Later if he wants to hop it up, you can put on CR forks, & get the Rear Shock Done..Also look at kdx 220 maybe.. If his shoulder makes him want to go lighter and smaller and he just wants to get some fresh air.....how about a ttr 125...very light bike like175ibs Or he feels like being unique and has some time/ money to burn if you can find a CR 85 expert or CR150RB roller and put a XR 200/crf 230 motor in it if If he like 2 strokes what about a KX 100 used? At 200ibs any of these minis will have to have heavier springs/ shocks set up by a shop since they were meant for 120ilb riders... Or just get him a regular full size mx bike and have a lowering link installed.
  5. aaronsQA50lives

    Lake elsinore motorcross track closure?

    That is good news. I also sent the track an email and they responded that things are being worked out and the website will post when the track reopens... So this looks to be a temporary thing...
  6. aaronsQA50lives

    Lake elsinore motorcross track closure?

    Hey, thanks for replying....I hope elsinore re opens. but I ..didnt even know about PALA, I wll have to check that out. I just looked up the website. I am not sure if it is all built out yet... but the Site MAp makes it like Disneyland for me... moto/utv/kart/bmx all in one place...I am going to check it out tomorrow!
  7. Hello all, I just went to the Lake Elsinore Motorcross website http://www.lempmx.com/index2.html and it says closed till further notice... I tried figuring out why, and how long.. I found a news article in the riverside Press Enterprise newspaper..mentioning something about track needing to meet some city council requirements... Does anybody know anything about this? That really would be a loss to SO CAL ..such a nice wide open spot with many different tracks... I also read that the hangliders in the area are getting the boot Is there any state that welcomes motorsports anymore??? Or are all states getting californified....